Servigroup launches the new 2017 Animation Programme

As unbelievable as it sounds, the winter has now gone, and that means that summer is almost here. For this reason, you are probably already choosing the destination and hotel for your holidays.

The Wonderfull Trip at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm

The importance of preparing adequate programming for both children and adults is imperative. The main aim we have when you arrive at any of our hotels is that you enjoy your time with your family. That is why, once again, we have set ourselves the goal of making it happen in a big way, without having to leave our facilities.

Just as every year, we have more entertainers, new shows with gigantic screens included, as well as musicals based on great classics that will add that extraordinary dose of fun and will make you and yours enjoy an unforgettable holiday.


Musicals at Servigroup

A friendship between a child who wanted to stay in the jungle and a bear that wants to accompany him to the city, once again excited the customers of Mojácar last year. That is why, this summer, we hope that the story of Mowglie and Baloo will stir you if you decide to spend your holidays in Benidorm, as this endearing musical comes to Benidorm this year, and will be at your disposal in the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm.

On the other hand, the musical Lion king will be at your fingertips if you choose Mojácar as a holiday destination (Friday at Servigroup Marina Mar and Saturdays at Servigroup Marina Playa).

Show about Disney's story at the Pueblo Hotel in Benidorm

Also, our animation team will be offering their own version of the most popular ABBA songs. You can enjoy this magnificent show, recapture and remember the most significant themes of the most popular Swedish band of all time.

This musical will take place on Tuesdays at the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, on Wednesdays at the Hotel Venus (Benidorm), and on Saturdays at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada.

The best numbers based on Disney's most endearing stories and the most glamourous Broadway plays will also once again become an indispensable part of Servigroups music shows.

The Broadway show will be held on Wednesdays at the Hotel Servigroup Torre Dorada, on Fridays at the Hotel Servigroup Venus and on Saturdays at the Servigroup Hotel Pueblo Benidorm. As for the musical compilation of Disney classics, this will take place on Thursdays at the Torre Dorada and on Sundays at the Hotel Pueblo.

Another of the greats will be the show Top of the Pops: where our animation team will create a brilliant performance emulating the biggest stars of the pop world (Tuesday at Servigroup Venus, Thursday at Hotel Pueblo and Sundays at Hotel Torre Dorada).


Synchronized shows

Synchronized show in Servigroup with Delfi

Interacting the interpretation of our animation team in real time with the images of our gigantic screens, we offer the best synchronized shows at the hotels Pueblo and Venus:


Culture: This will allow you to travel around the world with the rhythm, image and sound typical of different cultures (Wednesday at Hotel Pueblo and Saturdays at Hotel Venus).

- The Wonderful Trip: In this fun show in which the musical games have an indispensable space, our mascot Delfi will take you on a magical trip in which you will meet some unforgettable friends (Tuesday in Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm).

- Torpekus: If you want your children to lose their fear of rain and storms, nothing better than to introduce them to the experience of this unusual character based on classic Greek mythology (Wednesday in the Hotel Pueblo of Benidorm).


Also, this summer the Synchro shows will premiere at our two hotels in Mojácar along with the Culture show, which will be held on Mondays at Hotel Servigroup Marina Mar and Tuesdays at Marina Playa.


The Club Delfi

Servigroup Hotels Club Delfi

If you have previously been to our hotels with our Delfi kiddies Club in high season, your children are surely anxious to once again meet the popular Servigroup kids' mascot.

Our clubs will once again offer the most fun activities for your children for them to have a great time again in those establishments that offer this service (Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, Servigroup Nereo, Servigroup Torre Dorada, Servigroup Papa Luna, Servigroup Romana, Servigroup La Zenia, Servigroup Galúa, Servigroup Marina Playa and Servigroup Marina Mar).

The popular drawing competition Delfi will return this year, taking place in all Servigroup hotels, with the exception of Servigorup Montíboli Hotel in Villajoyosa.

In the Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm you will be able to enjoy the great fun themed days (Pokemon day, Superheroes Day, Western Day ...) as well as other activities and games popular in all hotels with Club Delfi (crafts, Face Painting, etc).

In the Hotel Papa Luna and Servigroup Romana hotels your children can enjoy the fun activities such as Pyjama night, where all the children will dine together in their pyjamas, then head to a great party while the parents can enjoy the musical entertainment or enjoy a few hours without children.


More activities for adults

In addition to the synchronization shows and musicals, we have prepared some daytime activities to keep you in shape during your holiday. Therefore, our Aquagym sessions will be available in some of our hotels such as Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm, Servigroup Marina Playa and Servigroup Marina Mar. Other sports such as Water polo or Stretching will also be within your reach in the Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm. On the other hand, our team of entertainers will also offer you in this hotel other fun games like the Miss and Mister contest, the popular Cocktail Game, the Water Slide Game, etc.

Another of the most awaited challenges for this summer in Mojácar is the Battle of chefs, a themed competition in which two teams will compete to overcome a series of tests (Wednesday in Marina Mar and Sundays in Marina Playa).

On the other hand, the bird show will also return on Mondays and Saturdays to the Marina Playa and the Marina Mar. In this incredible show, different types of birds will show what they are capable of doing, also with the participation of the public.

The most traditional folk dances, as well as the most exciting and daring dances will also have a place this summer in our Mojácar hotels (days to be confirmed), also at the Papa Luna Hotel in Peñíscola. In the latter, one day a week, we will be offering a somewhat simpler dance show, about 30 minutes, and always during the break of the group that is performing that night.

If you are staying in Mojácar, after our shows have finished, we recommend the themed nights of our Chiringuito (beach bar) Cala Marina, where you can also enjoy the best cocktails and gin tonics prepared by our professionals in cocktails.   

Fitness with the animation team of Servigroup

In our La Zenia Hotel, you will be amazed by the magic or juggling shows (on alternate days) and a dance show scheduled for weekends (Friday or Saturday).

The Hotel Servigroup Galúa in La Manga has for the moment a weekly magic show ( we will soon be extending the entertainment program in this hotel).


The best music

Our 16 hotels will continue this season with the best music and other nightly sessions where you can have fun listening and / or dancing to the most popular hits of the moment in their original versions (disco sessions).

What are you waiting for? ¡We will be waiting for you this summer in Servigroup hotels...

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