Medieval Market Benidorm 2018

Spring comes and with it the desire to take to the streets, walk, drink and enjoy the good weather. Therefore, if you are in Benidorm on 11th, 12th and 13th of May, we propose an ideal plan for you to enjoy taking to the streets, the Medieval Market of Benidorm located specifically in the Elche park in Benidorm, also known as the Dove park.

Medieval market 2018

For years, at the beginning of May and on the date of the “Commemoration of the Town of Benidorm Charter”, one of the best medieval markets in the province of Alicante the Medieval Market of Benidorm, is celebrated in order to glorify the medieval feast with an intense weekend, in which the cultural and artistic diversity of Jews, Muslims and Christians is extolled and shows how they coexisted with each other in the past.


Medieval fair 2018

During these dates you can enjoy the great medieval fair par excellence, held in the town of Benidorm, where you can enjoy a medieval artisan market that will fill the old town with magic and illusion.

This market is part of a network of Medieval Markets of Alicante and included in the calendar of medieval markets 2018, where you can see all types of activities, animations (for all ages) and medieval stalls prepared for the occasion, so do not miss this forthcoming date in which you can enjoy the Middle Ages in Benidorm.

Hand crafted ceramics in the Medieval fair

These days you can enjoy more than 90 stalls from Spain and abroad, which will satisfy the tastes of adults and children, some stands will go to workshops where they show how the old trades were worked, such as wood carving, ceramic creations or iron forges... Other stands will be used for handicrafts with the production of soaps and candles, the sale of herbs and natural remedies, basketry, silverware, furs... And a host of possibilities, as well as areas where you can taste the best gastronomy such as grilled meats, barbecues, the most delicious artisan cheeses, sausages or sweets made with honey...


Medieval Fiesta

In medieval markets you can enjoy activities and entertainment for all ages for free, and the medieval artisan market of Benidorm is no exception, travel back through time, live the Middle Ages and feel for yourselves how life was during the time of knights and princesses, thanks to the great atmosphere and decoration, (always characterized with great historical rigor) that you can find during these days in Benidorm.

Tournament in the Medieval Market of Benidorm

But if there is something that stands out in these fairs and medieval markets, of which you can enjoy during the second weekend of May in Benidorm, is the entertainment and shows both night and day, which will undoubtedly surprise you.

You will be transported back in time to a past, complete with faithful reproductions at this market of the Medieval Era, where you will dance to the rhythm of live music and have fun watching the most traditional dances of the time (like belly dancing), or delight with the magic shows, acrobatics and balancing acts, jugglers and comedians, puppets, various mythological beings and fireworks. All this together will ensure you enjoy this magical time.


If you are in Benidorm on the 11th ,12th and 13th of May, you cannot miss the best of the Medieval Markets 2018, the Medieval Market of Benidorm will undoubtedly transport you to a magical world where you can enjoy and have a great time.

Do not miss it... Live this great medieval experience!

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