Get your board ready, the XXI edition of Surfari is here!

Every year in the pretty and welcoming coastal town of Los Alcázares, the famous Mar Menor Surfari takes place. This beautiful town in Murcia is the perfect place for carrying out windsurf and kitesurf.

Costa Cálida, Murcia

However, on this occasion it is about a windsurf competition that is held every autumn and recommences with a greater impact among fans of this exciting sport.

An event in which the main objective is having fun, (without focussing too much on the results) and a setting that is defined as the best and safest in the country for practicing windsurf throughout the twelve months of the year. In fact, it is the participants themselves who affirm that they are drawn by the beauty of the area as well as the weather conditions and the safety that this calm sea grants for windsurfing.

At this impressive meeting, surfers of all ages, from all around the country (not just from Murcia and the south of Alicante) get together. In fact, almost 90% of the participants come from other provinces of Spain to take part.

This is about windsurfing with fewer waves and focussing on technique with some spectacular triangular courses that will really catch your attention should you decide to participate or spectate.

So, if you are passionate about this fun, free and easy watersport and you are planning to visit us in La Manga or the Orihuela Costa, you have a date in Los Alcázares on October 12th,13th and 14th.


Surfari: Registration and event schedule

Surfari 2017 participants

Surfari has taken place throughout the last 21 years and more and more people are becoming interested in participating in the forthcoming edition which will once again be organised by the Mar Menor Nautical Club, the Nautical Station - Cabo de Palos, the Murcia Regional Sailing Federation and the Los Alcázares City Council.

The last Mar Menor Surfari held in 2017 brought together 250 participants, a very high number for a windsurfing competition, even at national level!

Although the events programme has not been officially presented as yet, the organisers plan to fully respect the format offered to the public last year for the twentieth edition: therefore, the presentation will once again take place on the popular Carrión beach next to the towns Nautical Club. The II Division International Cup, the popular Independent Formula Windsurf Spanish Championship, the Adults “Open” and the Junior “Open” will be held there. It has been confirmed that the second crossing to Perdiguera Island will take place,an event that took place for the first time last year with great success.

Surfing Los Alcázares

The registration period is now open until October 11th. In fact, the number of participants tends to increase considerably approximately two days before the event begins which is when there is a reliable weather forecast for the wind conditions over the comptetion period. Registration for Surfari costs 20.00€.


Concentraciones Open: the true essence of Surfari

Adult level windsurfing in Los Alcázares

One of the things that most sets apart this competition from other windsurf contests is that it is open to everyone. This means that is is not necessary to be federated or to be a professional windsurfer in order to be able to take part. So, all you need is a windsurf board and a passion for the sea to be able to participate in this unparalled event in Spain.

Twenty-one years ago, the Mar Menor Surfari focussed more on high-level sports competitions. However, over the years, due to the participation of national and international surfers it began to capture the attention of a high number of semi-professionals which in turn gave way to amateurs in the open category event such as the open event for adults and juniors. Since the first year, the intention has been to capture an ametuer audience that would give a different aspect to the Surfari. And that is how these high-level competitions managed to attract a target audience that it intended to reach.

Children and windsurf

As far as child participation is concerned, it is a rewarding contribution what youngsters under the age of 14 add to this event every year since the category started. In fact, the excellent water conditions that this special stretch of sea offers allows the regattas to take place in areas nearer to the shoreline, a reason why parents can enjoy their little one’s efforts from the beach. The fact is, that on the Mediterrranean sea (as in most cases) for example, regatta courses are much further out to sea, a reason why parents don’t get to see their children’s achievements and developments in such a comprehensive way.

On the other hand, the Mar Menor is perfect for children to learn “how to windsurf”, given the excellent safety conditions provided by the constant calm that defines it.

2017 Surfari competition

Also, the organisers take the greatest of care with the Surfari children’s sector, especially as it is the future of windsurf. In fact, more than 50 children from different Spanish provinces registered and participated in Mar Menor Surfari 2017. A figure that if forecasts are correct (and the wind is favourable) will be surpassed this year.

Kitesurf La Manga

Remember that we will be waiting for you at this unique event in which the main objective is to bring people of all ages to the world of windsurf. That’s why it is established as a meeting point for people of all ages and levels. Surfari is for eveyone.

Do you feel inspired?


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