La Mar de músicas: a Festival of world music

Following the excitement experienced by the Cartagena town folk last year when their festival “La Mar de Músicas” was awarded the prize for the best small music festival in Spain, everyone is patiently awaiting the return of the festival in 2018.

In fact, the Cartagena festival “La Mar de Músicas” will be back for its XXIV edition on July 20th, and will without doubt, amaze us with its wide range of artists and multitude of styles from around the five continents.

The festival has a great way of motivating the crowd and so, if you are planning to stay at our emblematic Servigroup Galúa Hotel in La Manga or our exclusive Servigroup La Zenia Hotel on the Orihuela Costa between July 20th and 28th, we recommend that you visit the beautiful town of Cartagena at least once during your stay to enjoy an experience that is well worth it.

This year, Denmark will play an important part in La Mar de Músicas Festival. It is a great opportunity for us to bring together the many artistic talents that this nordic country offers and it enables us to learn more about its culture.


La Mar de Músicas 2018: The Festival

Franco Battiato concert at La Mar de Músicas 2017

The essence of the World Music Festival, lies mainly in show casing different music categories with original and unique styles from all around the world.

On the other hand, it consists of a diversified event in which art and literature in their purest forms play an important role in the festival. For example, La Mar de Músicas has an important section dedicated to LM (La Mar) art in which the projection of images both static and in motion will be at your fingertips throughout the eight days of the festival. Also, by means of LM (La Mar) words, you will have at your disposal the best authors and written works, but if your personal preference is the big screen, the Nuevo Teatro Circo de Cartagena offers an outstanding exhibition in which an exceptional list of independant productions will also stimulate your senses “Festival La Mar de Música” style. Well-considered films such as La Comuna (The Commune) by Thomas Vintenburg as well as La Colombiana (The Columbian) by Tony Hardmon or even El Ruiseñor de la Noche by Rubén Rojo Aura. You are sure to love them if what you look for in cinema are films that do not leave you indifferent.

But getting back to the main essence of the festival, La Mar de Músicas 2018, returns to offer an outstanding programme of solo artists and groups that will take to the different stages, located in different parts of the city.


La Mar de Músicas 2018: Programme

XXIV Edition of La Mar de Músicas Festival Cartagena

You may already know that tickets for the festival are available on the web page as well as on the portal

If you prefer to get your La Mar de Músicas festival tickets by phone, you can do so by calling 958108181 (Monday to Friday).

In relation to the programme, amidst all the different performance styles, Spain will bring to the festival some outstanding professionals who will represent the country with outstanding performances in which talent and musical art are the real leitmotif.

Some more well-known than others, all of them defined by their constant, excellent reviews throughout their long or short stage careers.

Alba Molina will be one of the more famous Spanish guests who on July 24th will play a huge tribute to her parents, the legendary flamenco duo Lole and Manuel.

The Murcian singer-songwriter Moy Gomar will take to the Plaza San Francisco stage on July 23rd to delight everyone with his extraordinary blend of flamenco rock and other styles such as cumbia, bolero and tango.

If you like to combine great music with fun and eccentricity, you have a date on July 24th with the festival’s great crazy musician. We are talking about the Spanish Fuman Musicóloco who at the San Francisco Plaza in Cartagena, will offer his inimitable style to the pace of some amazing juggling.

From outside the Spanish borders, however still close to Spain, the charismatic Salvador Sobral will come to visit us on July 26th. The indisputable winner of the 2017 Eurovision song contest took first prize despite suffering an illness at the time (which he managed to overcome a few months later). Now, fully recovered and eager to continue demonstrating the talent that defines him, he will make his great performance at the Auditorío Parque Torres. His mastery of the most creative and original music in the field of jazz, has made Sobral one of the most recognised artists, not only in the confines of Portugal and Europe, but also across the pond.

Kusturica concert at the Festival La Mar de Músicas

The Scottish band Texas, led by the charismatic Charleen Spiteri will visit Cartagena and it is a certainty that they will have you swaying to the sounds of their hits such as “Thrill has gone”, “I don’t want a lover”, “Summer Son” and “Say what you want”, among many other of their classic hits. You can enjoy the “Texas”magic on Sunday 22nd July at the Auditorio Parque Torres.

However, if anything distinguishes this music festival, it is the enormous diversity of styles that make this show every summer. And one of the great surprises for La Mar de Músicas 2018 is the imminent performance of the British band The Human League. This extraordinary pop band revolutionised the european and north american 80’s music market with huge hits such as “Don’t you want me baby” which is still played even today along with re-mixed versions by other artists. You can see them play on Saturday 28th July at the Auditorio Parque Torres.

And at a time when latin rhythms are back at the top, the festival brings to Cartagena the great Ruben Blades, who along with Roberto Delgado Big Bang Panamá will make a stop at the Costa Cálida city, a detour from their joint world tour. A Panamanian duo who will make your summer evening a great night with a combination of art and salsa that speaks for itself.

Other artists who will be at the festival are (from the U.S.A) Cécile McLorin and Gregory Porter (July 23rd and 24th respectively at the company’s faculty of sciences), the Danish Eivor (24th July at the plaza del Ayuntamiento) the group Kokoko (from the Republic of the Congo) from Argentina Nathy Peluso, from Columbia the legendary Totó la Momposina, etc.


Can we count on you to be in Cartagena from July 20th to 28th?  For the time being, we shall be waiting for you at our hotels…

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