We interview our maître winner for the best buffet at the gastronomic days

We recently offer you the first part of an interview whose function is to talk to the main protagonists of the Gastronomic days that took place in the Servigroup Montíboli Hotel on 16th and 17th February. Starting with Gregorio Sebastian and today we conclude with Alfonso Sillero, maître in Hotel Servigroup Calypso, and prize winner for the best buffet.

foto Alfonso Sillero

The first point that was raised with Gregorio was with reference to the standardization of processes, which is one of the main objectives for the conference, to which he gave his opinion. How do you think Hoteles Servigroup achieve to unify criteria’s in an equitable way to be considered in your line of work?

I totally agree that having a conference helps us unify our criteria. In our case, we are updating the manual and this will be standardized for the 16 hotels. It is essential that in the buffets everything we present is made under the same guidelines and remains as similar as possible, from salads to desserts etc.  In these events, we all contribute something, exchange views and discuss ideas in order to obtain the very best.

Adorned buffet

In a professional manner, what do these events provide?

The conference this year has been truly spectacular.  Also Josep Moré attended, a great professional and a reference to all who dedicate themselves in this line of work. We transmit great ideas, very positive values and really enriching advice.  The main values focus on the innovation, in the quality, and in the relationship that we should maintain, not only with the clients but with our colleagues as well.  I am totally convinced that the good treatment between us is reflected in the final result, this is what the client perceives.  Another essential aspect is that the relationship between the team and the kitchen department is always perfect, being able to say that they make up an exclusive entity.  In as much, we must always be able to offer new things.  As a matter of fact, something that always sticks in my mind to do with the clients is the typical question “Alfonso, what’s new this year?”  Not only do they need it but they ask, they expect it from us and the best thing is to surprise them always.  This means that we continue advancing and moving forward, which gives us in return the essence of our own philosophy.  It is very important that we continue improving.  In these cases, if for example we offer a themed meal such as Italian food, dress up the personnel adequately for the theme, the atmosphere is set for this.   We are concentrating more in this aspect which seems to be doing well.

Dining emotions and the Servigroup cuisine are discussed quite frequently.  Why do you consider that the Servigroup cuisine works?

We are constantly creating, elaborating on new dishes, caring meticulously about presentation. Thereby, making a visual impact from the moment the client enters the dining room and see’s the product. By means of using buffet emotions we achieve an impact, always offering a certain quality of dish which once consumed, the same clients corroborate towards.  It would be of little use to have a visual emotion if you couldn’t try the dishes out.  New products are always offered at these events and are then tested on our clients, presentation of the buffet plays an important role in this to.

News utensils

This year your buffet has been chosen the best out of the sixteen buffets.  Why do you consider it to be more special?

At the Hotel Servigroup Calypso, along with the other hotels in the group, we always try to introduce new things, and for this motive it shows in the presence of our buffets.  However, I always insist that the presentation is not only to do with me.  The team are always involved to the maximum and between us we help each other so that we get the best possible result.

Another question which Gregorio was asked, the enthusiasm that the agencies demonstrate when they are offering our hotels, along with the clients when they recommend us amongst themselves.  Why do you think that the Servigroup buffet is so recommended in all our hotels?

It all depends on the quality of our products, the way in which they are developed and of course, the way in which it is displayed.  Also it shows in the maintenance of our machines and installations.  It’s important that everything functions always the same and for that this requires hard work from all the team.  At all times you have to make sure that everything is correct, that the food it is in perfect condition before it is put on show. This all has to be done, independently of the occupancy, from Monday to Sunday and at whatever time during the year.

Dishes of meat and vegetables rolls at buffets

In terms of the companies attending the conference showing their new material, what new ideas does this bring you for your buffets?

All the new equipment that we are shown, is like new to us.  We are able to try these new products, such as new rooms, new menus, new instruments to do with our work, for use in the kitchen or dining room (bowls, jugs, new cutlery).  Besides, taking on new products surprises our regular clients every year they return which is fundamental.

Have you thought about focusing on something different for your buffet, in order for next years conference?

In my case, it’s about carrying on working hard, with much perseverance and innovation. If all my team continue to do the same and between us bring new ideas, our buffet will remain interesting and surprising.

Samples of utensils

Here is the conclusion to the second part of the interview. We hope to live through yet another year of an experience truly enriched by interviewing two grand professionals again, such as Alfonso and Gregorio or whichever dining or kitchen host brought in who gives such great value to our Hotel Servigroup team.

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