We are recharging our batteries for the Iberia Festival

For this summer 2016, our much awaited date with Spain’s most authentic pop and rock bands takes place in the Auditorium Julio Iglesias in Benidorm, and is once again sponsored by Servigroup Hotels.

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Unlike previous years, the Benidorm Iberia Festival 2016 will be held all on one day.

We are all waiting with anticipation. It will be on 20th August when La Frontera, Duncan Dhu and Hombres G have marked their calendars in such a special way, as to offer three large concerts, both for Benidorm residents, as well as all those who are spending their holidays in our wonderful town.

Three great bands, three indisputable myths of the 80s, who took the charts by storm and flooded the country's leading radio stations with hit after hit. Here together are a generation, who came and conquered, with numerous number ones in the singles and album lists as well as in the classic popular hit parade.

These bands, La Frontera, Hombres G and Duncan Dhu will demonstrate to its audience that even after three decades, since there beginnings as young bands this is not enough to diminish their energy on stage in the slightest.

What is clear is that for this New Benidorm Iberia Festival 2016, although offering fewer hours of concerts, there will still be the excellent music and quality which year after year showcases the best of Spanish groups and soloists.

Oficial poster Iberia Festival 2016

The Benidorm Iberia Festival was created in 2013 with the intention of bringing together a cast of bands and artists from the pop-rock genre of the national scene. Although the original idea was not limited to artists and bands more typical from the 80’s and 90’s, the first edition was more focused on the public from these generations.

Thus, although the aim of the Iberia Festival is varied, in the first year the majority of people that attended where aged between 35 and 50 years old.

Under the slogan identifying this as the first pop-rock festival of the Costa Blanca, and after a lot of hard work organizing the festival throughout its first edition, it was possible to gather in the Benidorm Bull ring many famous stars including Loquillo, M-Clan, Los Rebeldes, La Frontera, Nacha Pop, La Guardia, La Union and Jaime Urrutia.

Faced with such a musical extravaganza, the Benidorm Plaza de Toros (Bull ring) brought together a very diverse audience who enjoyed more than 12 hours of music which just flew by.

In response, the second edition of the festival in 2014 greatly expanded the age spectrum to include among its artists to Dani Martin. The former leader of El Canto del Loco who gave an emotional concert which attracted hundreds of teenagers and twenty something’s, who were thrilled with his solo songs combined with some classics of the band that was released in the late 90’s.

That year the festival was extended to two days, in which Jaime Urrutia, La Union and Los Rebeldes returned, together with other indisputable figures like La Orquesta Mondragón, Seguridad Social, La Guardia, Los Secretos, Tennesse, Trogloditas, Aurora Beltrán ( Tahures Zurdos), Fernando Lavado (Gatos Locos), also impressive staging’s from La Frontera, La Union and Danza Invisible, which made us tremble with all that energy, which did not stop at any time throughout their performances. More alternative and lesser known bands, although no less impressive were Burning and Cirilo.

Also worth mentioning was Poker guitarist, Jaime Urrutia, Ariel Rot, Jorge Ilegal, Santiago Campillo, who provoked an explosive acoustic fusion that kept the attention of everyone attending late on Saturday night.

The stage and the crowd

In 2015, La Union did not repeat for the third consecutive year due to unexpected rain. Nor Toreros Muertos, and Rosendo could not finish the performance, which was suspended a few minutes after appearing on stage. Still, these absences were compensated a few weeks later in the Auditorium Julio Iglesias. On that night Rosario gave an incredibly energetic performance for more than an hour. 

Rosario live

On the other hand, Los Ilegales, this time the whole band, combined with their personal sense of humour which is always characterized by their immortal phrases, with a spectacular performance in which they performed their classic songs. Kiko Veneno and Sinister completed this rescheduled event, for two intense days of music.

Don’t forget that La Frontera, Duncan Dhu and Hombres G have an appointment with all who enjoy good pop and rock bands, including those of you staying in any of the nine Servigroup hotels in Benidorm. To reach the Auditorio Julio Iglesias, you have at your convenience the usual regular bus lines.

Also for those guests that have chosen the Montíboli Hotel, you too have an easy way to reach the venue, by the local railway, the TRAM. We would like to remind you that near the Hotel Montíboli in Villajoyosa, is a train stop that will leave you very close to the Auditorium.

So are you coming?

Images provided by the Iberia Festival organisation

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