Three hotels, three treatments

Over the years, you may have noticed that in general, the concept of a beach holiday has changed. In fact, it is very likely that when choosing a beach holiday, you take into consideration hotels that feature spas and wellness centres.    

At Servigroup, most of our 4 star Hotels feature a wellness centre adapted to your needs. Just a few minutes from Benidorm in Villajoyosa, you will find the emblematic 5 star Servigroup Montíboli, hotel with spa

In this publication we suggest 3 of the most popular massages that are offered in three of our hotels, these being La Zenia Hotel on the Orihuela Coast, Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa in Mojácar and Hotel Diplomatic in Benidorm.  

Comfortable wellness centres at Servigroup Hotels

1- Hot stone massage at the Hotel Servigroup la Zenia

An exotic oriental technique that is increasingly put in to practice in the western world.

Inspired in many ways by the traditional Reiki (according to the masseur) this popular treatment consists in correctly working the body so that energy flows properly, eliminating at the same time all weekday stresses that we often accumulate.

This oriental massage consists of applying a series of stones at different temperatures on various points of the body. The aim is for energy to flow in the best way.

In addition to being a very effective technique to improve blood circulation, the heat from the stones is great for eliminating skin toxins that accumulate more and more every time.

Whether or not the mythical techniques of reiki are applied, what is certain is that after a hot stone massage, the result will leave you with a feeling of total relaxation. 

Try it and see…

Hot stone massage at the Hotel Servigroup La Zenia

2- Indian massage at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa

This treatment consists of a full body massage which is carried out through the application of pindas.

What are pindas?  They are small pouches containing hot aromatic herbs which are applied to the skin.

This fantastic alternative focuses specifically on the herbs and the vegetables oils.  The pindas can be made with marigold, chamomile and even lavender or with other highly aromatic plants among many other typologies.

These small pouches are applied over a special oil that is rubbed over the body. The massage is very gentle, only minimally touching the neck area.

If you choose the Indian massage, its warming effect on the skin will give you a feeling of relaxation which will also help you to alleviate stress.

This oriental massage, as well as relaxing you will revitalise the skin, muscles and nerves. It also considerably helps the heart and nervous system for a better distribution of oxygen and energy to all cells of the body. For this reason, it is said that it is the ideal treatment to prevent all kinds of illnesses.

Also, the pleasant aroma of the pindas will create a very nice feeling, both physically and mentally. Should you try it once, you are sure to try it again.


3- Full body aromatic massage at the Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic

It is undoubtedly the best option if you need to soothe any tension and  pain that sometimes targets the back and neck.

It is principally an eastern technique however there is evidence to indicate that it was also used in ancient Greece and Rome.

The full body aromatic massage, through its special aromas is especially recommended for eliminating blockages that sometimes prevent you from carrying on with your general day to day.

The effects on the body will become evident very quickly once the aromatic oils have been absorbed.  You will notice an instant result of muscular relaxation on your skin although oriental aromatherapy massage is also well-known for its excellent results in stimulating emotional well-being. Ultimately, you will feel a unique sensation of contrasts, therefore we recommend that you do not leave the hotel without having tried the aromatic massage.

Aromatic massage at the Hotel Servigroup Diplomatic in Bennidorm

And so, we conclude our first publication about some of the massages that work best for our guests at the Servigroup Hotels Wellness Centres.

However, in addition to massages, in all of these Servigroup Health and Beauty centres the well-known wellness circuits with Finnish Sauna, Turkish bath, gym and jacuzzi are available as well as the popular massages, facials and body treatments.

Now it is up to you to decide which of our three suggestions is the one that most suits your needs.

Be inspired and drop by our wellness centres when you visit us.

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