Hiking routes near Benidorm

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Hiking is not just a sport. Nowadays, it is an exciting activity regarded by many as a fun social phenomenon and a great way of life. In fact, you won’t be able to keep away once you start to see that it becomes an essential part of your weekend.

Aitana in Alicante

You may have noticed that there are endless reasons to encourage you to take up hiking: There are those who give it a try as a new way of passing time, as a social activity that enables them to meet people of similar interests and preferences as well as a distraction to disconnect from daily stress. It can also be an extreme sport, should you decide to take it to another level. However, when you discover that you are really looking forward to Saturday or Sunday to begin a new route is when it becomes clear that hiking has got a hold on you. Talking about addictions, what better bad habit could you have than spending the weekend in such a healthy, energetic yet fun way?


1- Hiking route to the Sierra Aitana

Parte de la esencia natural del paisaje alicantino se fundamenta en la popular Sierra de Aitana.

Known by everyone as the roof of the Alicante province, its peak forms the highest point.

We face a long, although moderate route and it is precisley the latter that makes it perfect for groups of all ages including families.

One of the most popular starting points to begin this fantastic route is La Font de Partagat. You can easily reach there by taking the CV-70 road from Benidorm. The access is clearly sign posted if you follow the direction of the road until the Font. You will see the path from recreational area where the route begins. You will start by crossing a few picturesque footpaths where there is no shortage of stunning almond trees as well as some meadows (that are well worth taking photographs of) before reaching the well-known Fuente del Nogal.

Around Font de la Forata in Aitana

This is just the begining, the route is very enriching and enjoyable especially if you reach the 1558 metres height after having travelled 12 kilometres. Also, your attention will be drawn to the distinctive flora which is difficult to find on the Eastern coast of Spain as it features some varieties more common in the north of the country. This is one of the reasons why the Sierra Aitana is considered as an undisputed place of interest in the community.

As you continue to climb this mountain range you will witness the contrasting beauty that is imposible to ignore, especially as you will be on top of the biggest fortress that protects the Mediterranean Sea.

We also recommend, that where posible, you take advantage of this beautiful landsacpe when there is snow on the Sierra Aitana.

Peña Alta at 1500 metres high and the Puerto de Tangarina are some of the key points of this popular Alicante route which we are sure you will repeat whenever you have the chance. Also, the overwhelming feeling when you reach the top cannot be explained in words.

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2- Hiking Route to the Puig Campana

We mentioned that the peak of the Sierra Aitana is the highest point of the Alicante province, the Puig Campana is a close second at 1408 metres high. 

The Puig Campana in Finestrat

You may have thought on many occassion about climbing up that peculiar silhouette that gives it its symbolic cut-out shape at the top. The Puig Campana has always been the source of numerous and interesting myths. The best known, but also possibly the most peculiar, is the one that identifies the remaining piece of the Puig Campana with the Benidorm island. It is said, that this portion of mountain plunged into the sea following an aggressive struggle between the French Commander known as the Hero Roldan against a high-ranking officer of the Moors side.

Directly safeguarding coastal towns such as Benidorm and Villajoyosa, the Puig Campana route offers a circular route from its designated departure point which is the well-known Font del Molí in Finestrat

Famous for offering hikers a more difficult route than that of Sierra Aitana, its distance of approximately 16 kilometres will be worth it at the end.

Hiking route on Puig Campana

Should you be staying at any of our nine hotels in Benidorm, to get to the Font del Molí you should take the CV-767 road to Finestrat, turning off at the CV-7672 in order to reach the departure point.

Puig Campana route with signs

From there, the signposts are very clear for you to commence the walk safely.

This route, although not abscent of any steep slopes, is also distinctive for its spectacular pine forrests and rich vegetation.

Landscape on Puig Campana

The Collado de Pouet, the classic Cruce de caminos. El Planicie, El Bancal de Moro and la Font de la Sausida are some of the key reference points that deserve a little stop where you can re-charge your batteries to continue. In fact, the Collado de Pouet has an excellent vantage point that will show you the coastline in a panoramic dream-like view. From the Font de la Sausida you can also enjoy excellent views that will show you an impressive Sierra Helada as well as a birds eye view of the city of skyscrapers in the distance.

Views from the Puig Campana top

Possibly the most complicated stretch of the route relates to the Barranco de les Marietes, as it features a high gradient of 500 metres in a route so relatively short it barely exceeds a kilometer.

With these two routes we hope we have promted you (even just a little) to break the ice and be inspired.

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