Spend a scary Halloween with Servigroup

Halloween is here!

Since the 5th century BC every October 31st, the Celts celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of a new year with the festival of Samhain in which Celtic priests and druids gathered magical elements and made predictions about the future. Although the celebration of Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve) (literally the eve of all saints) does not exist as such in Spain, in reality the celebration has spread practically worldwide.

Since childhood, we have been told all sorts of scary tales to frighten us on Halloween, but these stories don’t frighten us. The truth is, we have been waiting all year for the date to arrive, our fancy dress costumes, pumpkins, skeletons in the wardrobe, our unique buffets and everything else in order for you to have the best Halloween.


Bar's decoration in the hotel

How do we prepare for Halloween at Servigroup Hotels?

Customised menus, scary decorations and special music are the ingredients with which Servigroup Hotels likes to once again surprise its guests.

The originality of dishes with different ingredients such as ghost cookies, chocolate tombs, candy witches broomsticks, sweet fingers and an endless number of spectacular terrifying Halloween recipes are some of the delights to accompany our guests on the most terrifying night of the year.

And of course the decorations, something essential for a Halloween party! At Servigroup we decorate our hotels with garlands, scary balloons, ghosts, spiders’ webs etc. in order to set the atmosphere and give them a terrifying touch. Decorations to scare you to death!

Do you dare to come to our Hotels? With Servigroup your will enjoy an unforgettable Halloween.

We leave you with some photos of previous years:

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