Gluten free menu 2018 in Servigroup Hotels

As you may well know, Servigroup Hotels is well known for looking after its guests all year round.

And that is why, our catering team work hard to create a varied and balanced menu. A buffet designed for those who want to enjoy good Mediterranean cuisine, and at the same time catering for those who have some kind of food intolerance or allergy.

And it is gluten intolerance of what we are going to talk about in this publication. Gluten intolerance is fairly common these days, and it’s really possible to live a happy, normal, gluten free life.


Travel gluten free with Servigroup Hotels

Gluten free jamón serrano croquettes

For many years now, we have been working to satisfy our guests specific alimentary requirements, and every care is taken to ensure that there is no cross contamination of products which contain gluten. And for this reason, Servigroup has always been at the top of the list establishments that offer this Service. In fact, it’s been eight years since Servigroup became the first Gluten Free hotel chain in benidorm to be awarded certification by ACECOVA, which is the Celiac Association of the Valencian Community.

On the other hand, FACE, which is the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain, also recognizes us as a regulated company to offer a gluten-free cooking service.


Guests and our gluten-free restaurants

Gluten free dish from Servigroup Buffet

If you have an intolerance to gluten, as well as any other type of allergy to any other ingredient, the first thing you should not avoid is the splendid food from our Servigroup Buffets. Our staff are fully trained and able to assist you with everything you may need.

Our staff are highly qualified on dealing with gluten-free products in order to maintain their integrity and protect against cross-contamination, thus allowing our guests to relax and enjoy their well-earned holidays.

Therefore, these are the steps you should follow on arrival:

1. When you arrive at the Hotel, and enter the restaurant to enjoy your first meal, ask for the maître d and mention that you require gluten-free food during your stay.

2. Once the Maître d has the necessary information regarding your specific needs, he will then be able to help you choose from a wide variety of food available on the hotels buffet.

3. In the same way, the maître will show you the gluten free menu with delicious gluten-free dishes at your disposal.

4. If with all these options, you still do not know which dish to taste and you want to be 100% sure to avoid cross contamination, you can choose a dish you prefer and our chefs will cook it especially for you.

José Clemente, maître at Hotel Servigroup La Zenia, mentioned that in many cases, the celiac Guest is satisfied with knowing which foods on the buffet are gluten-free. But in La Zenia, and in fact all Servigroup s head chefs prefer to cook these dishes independently, therefore completely avoiding contamination. Allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved holiday.


Gluten-free menu in Servigroup Hotels

gluten-free dessert in Servigroup Hotels

In addition to the necessary precautions, our seventeen establishments will incorporate this menu, where you can choose from a wide range of tasty gluten-free dishes, all prepared to the highest standards.

This year enjoy the gluten menu 2018 in Servigroup hotels, where you can find delicious appetizers (such as manchego cheese, croquettes, squid…), through to main dishes (paella, a great variety of pastas, meats, vegetables, soups, lentils). You can finish off with a tasty dessert, ice cream, rice pudding, custards, tarts and lots more, with total peace of mind.

From breakfast to dinner, from your day of arrival, until your departure, you’ll feel at home, and you will enjoy your meals without any worries.

On arrival, please ask for our gluten-free menu. And savour our delicious dishes from the gluten-free 2018 menu.


For all of this and more, come and join us this summer at Servigroup hotels…

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