The Gastronomic fair 2017 presents the best desserts

As usual, every year the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli prepares to offer its habitual Gastronomic fair, which is due to be held, in the coming days.

This annual event is an unbeatable opportunity for our maître’s and chefs, one that allows them to renew and unify their criteria.

Last year, the Gastronomic fair at the Hotel Servigroup Montíboli shone with its extensive offers in gastronomy, which was presented by important suppliers and companies in the sector. In addition prominent personalities of the hospitality industry such as Josep Moré, also contributed greatly to this fair, with their wisdom and experience.

In this new Gastronomic days, one of the great novelties will be the official presentation of the Servigroup dessert recipe book, which was shown last year.

And it is precisely the desserts that will be the protagonists of this new publication. For this reason, we offer you three of the most succulent recipes that you can find in our hotels, and at the same time serve as an advance of this book, that we first saw a glimpse of in the Hotel Montíboli Villajoyosa.

Libro de recetas de postres de Servigroup

Y son precisamente los postres los que van a ser los protagonistas de esta nueva publicación. Por ello, te ofrecemos tres de las recetas más suculentas que podrás encontrar en nuestros hoteles, y que al mismo tiempo te servirán como anticipo de ese libro que ha visto por primera vez la luz en el Hotel Montíboli de Villajoyosa.


1- Roasted Milk

Servigroup Roasted Milk

This succulent dish will conquer you from the moment you see it shown in our buffet, although it is very easy to prepare it yourself.

All you need is condensed milk, cold milk, eggs, some cinnamon and vanilla essence. It is also recommended that you prepare a homemade caramel topping, which will give the roasted milk a much more personal flavour.

As you can see, these ingredients are easy to get and very cheap.

The preparation time for this dessert is very brief, and in less than an hour you can have it ready to serve.

The caramel sauce is simple and delicious, with just 2 teaspoons of sugar (per serving) dissolved in a 50 ml glass, which you will then have to apply on a mould.

Regarding the rest, you just mix in the blender 1000 ml of condensed milk, another 1000 ml of cold milk, 5 eggs and a tablespoon of vanilla essence. Then you will have to pour that mixture into the that mould with caramel and put it in the oven for 45 minutes. Of course, it is very important that the oven is preheated for a few minutes at 180 degrees.

Once you take the mixture from the oven, you should wait for it to cool. Then decorate it with almonds and some cinnamon.

The result cannot be more satisfying, so it is very likely that roasted milk will be your first choice when you have guests at home.


2- Jelly Fantasy

Servigroup Jelly Fantasy

A very traditional dessert in our hotels, is most definitely the   jelly, in its different varieties and flavors.

Jelly is a highly nutritious, low calorie and therefore a very healthy option. This makes it perfect if you are looking to finish your meal with a light dessert, at the same time delicious.

In our recipe book, one of the desserts we offer is the Jelly Fantasy, which although it carries some liquid cream, is not heavy after the rest of the meal. To prepare it, it is necessary to prepare each ration separately, so you would prepare 200 grams of each of the jellies that you are going to mix. In this case, we propose the strawberry, lemon, orange and pineapple. You will also need liquid cream to make this fusion the most exotic Jelly.

You would introduce 200 grams of strawberry jelly into 500 ml of water. After stirring well, you should put it on a plate, where it will need to cool down. Then you will have to do the same with the rest of the Jellies.

When they are ready, you can cut them into small cubes. In our hotels, the fantasies of Jelly, as well as the traditional jellies of a single flavor, you will find them usually displayed in small glasses with a prism shape. But in choosing one type of container or another, do not forget to mix those cubic pieces with a little cream. The result is a real treat, ideal to contrast with the heaviest of meals.


3- Popcorn balls with caramel

Special desserts for children

We cannot close this publication without dedicating a dessert especially to the little ones. And it is popcorn balls with caramel, these are especially attractive for the little ones, not so much for the ingredients that compose them, as for their appearance in the form of chupa chups (lollies).

These ingredients are also very simple, consisting basically of butter, popcorn, liquid cream, sugar and some food coloring. 

First you would prepare the popcorn in the microwave. You will need two saucepans: one to heat the butter with the cream; In the other you will heat the sugar with water, which you would remove from the heat until you get a more solid aspect (something like a syrup). When you do, you would mix it with the butter and the cream, and then you will introduce the popcorn. After stirring everything, you should make some balls with the mixture.

To finish, take some skewer chopsticks and start placing the balls one by one. If you use a little food color it will be much more presentable.

This is just an advance of that book of desserts that will be officially presented in the Gastronomic Fair of the Hotel Montíboli. A book that we hope you enjoy, and at the same time gives you ideas on how to make elegant and succulent desserts, with very basic ingredients, which are simple and relatively quick.


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