The return of the Mojacar Fiestas 2017. Do you dare?

Just like every year, on the last weekend of August, Mojácar finishes off its summer with one of its three most traditional festivities. In this case it is the celebration in which St. Augustine, the patron saint of Mojácar, is honoured.

This beautiful celebration, together with the Fiestas of the Moors and Christians and the Fiestas of the Virgen Rosario, is one of the most important of the Levantine town of Almería.

This traditional celebration, has as its main protagonists the single men and woman from Mojácar, who will lead once again the emblematic run of ribbons on horseback.

In this publication, we are going to propose a series of essential acts of this fiesta program, so that if you manage to make a space in your diary, why not decide to visit Mojácar in fiestas?


1- Horseback race of the ribbons

Horse race of the ribbons in Mojácar

The tradition is that the unmarried girls of the town embroider a series of ribbons so that later they are picked up by the single male participants in the race. Then, it is our female artists who wait for the single bachelors next to the famous Mojácar Fountain. Once there, the boys will pick their ribbons.

It is undoubtedly the most exciting and emblematic event of the San Augustin Festivities in Mojácar, which will be held on Sunday 27th of August.

On the other hand, this year, as a novelty there will also be a children's run of ribbons on horseback. This will take place on Monday 28th August. An event in which the skills of the little ones will certainty come into play.

But let's not forget that the town also has a Patron Saint (Virgen del Rosario), whose festivals are celebrated at the beginning of October. Once again it will be on this occasion when the Ribbons on Horseback races will be held, albeit in this case by the hands of married men and women, who will repeat again, as every year, the same ritual in honor of marriage.


2- The carrying of water and Flower offering

Offering at the Fiestas in Mojácar

The Offering to St. Augustine will again take place on Friday 25th of August. In this incredible act, women and girls of the town will wear their mojaqueros suits, traditional costumes in which they carry water urns on their heads to start the great climb bringing water and flowers to their Patron. They will walk the whole journey accompanied by the Municipal Music Band of Mojácar.

The starting point, like every year, will once again be the emblematic Mojácar Fountain. A route that will end in the Parish Church of San Agustín.


3- Coronation Gala of the Queen of the Mojacar Fiestas and her Court of Maids of Honour

It is an emotional act in which the new queen will be crowned next to her maids of honour, who will accompany her in all events of her new reign. This event will take place the night of Friday, August the 25th.


4- Youngsters Gaming online Championship

Competition of Online games in Mojacar

Also, again this year the Youth Online Games Championship, will as usual take place in the Multiple Use Centre in Mojácar.

This is a challenge for young people between 8 and 14 years old, in which they will be presented with a series of strategy games that would have to be surpassed by levels in the shortest possible time. Once we have a winner, the Town Council will award a series of prizes.


5- The popular open-air night parties

Party for San Agustín in Mojácar

If you decide to visit Mojácar in fiestas, remember that it’s fun night concerts are essential. In them you will find a casual and fun atmosphere, at all times livened up by an orchestra that will play the most current and famous themes of the summer.


6- The day of the Children

Although the youngest of the family, in fiestas will enjoy the great celebration from beginning to end, there is always a day dedicated to them, so that they can enjoy by double entry. The reason for this is that all the attractions of the Mojácar Funfair can be found at half the price. Can you think of a better way to have fun?


7- Fireworks display en Mojacar

Fireworks in Mojacar

Ending of the Mojacar 2017 fiestas, the fireworks of the San Agustín Festivities will be held again, so that tourists and mojaqueros can once again enjoy this magical pyrotechnic exhibition.

Shall we see you there?

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