Will you come and join us to celebrate Mojacars festivities?

It is nearing the end of summer, and the town of Mojacar On the east of the coast of Almeria prepares to celebrate one of their three most symbolic and traditional festivities. In this case we are speaking of the celebration in honor of the Patron Saint San Agustin of Mojacar, which will take place the last weekend in August. This tribute to St. Augustine is carried out through a series of acts that have as main protagonist’s Mojacars young single women and single men. We are referring to the traditional and popular corrida de cintas a caballo.

Girls going to the offering

Although perhaps the festivity that is most celebrated in a big way in the town is the Mojacars Moors and Christians, its festivities are celebrated on two different dates: one in summer at the end of August, venerating St. Augustine, the patron saint of Mojacar; and the other in early autumn, which is celebrated at the beginning of October. In the latter case the married women and men are responsible for the great tribute to the patron saint of Mojacar, the Virgen Del Rosario.

Although its programming will be spread over several days, is the 28th at midnight when the proclamation will take place, which announces the beginning of the Fiestas of the Patron Saint Augustine Mojacar 2016. A starting point which is usually preceded by a series of events that take place throughout the day before, culminating with a traditional verbena.

Mojacars festivities in August always have a full and varied programme that improves year after year, such magical days for everyone. Among the events that are on offer, the flower offering to St. Augustine at the door of the church merits a special mention.

Among other popular events taking place are the popular Fiestas de San Agustin de Mojacar 2016, we can find the Crowning of the Queen and the maids of honor of its patron saint, as well as their traditional Masses, which are usually accompanied by an amazing coro rociero(choir), the popular children's parades, processions of St. Augustine, and closing festivities, such as the Grand Fireworks display.

Mojacars festivities around the hermitage

But as we said at the beginning of this publication, the most symbolic act of these festivities are always Mojacars emblematic corridas de cintas a caballo. This historic event involves the unmarried girls of the town carry out the task of embroidering ribbons which are then be collected by the towns single young men who await them beside the towns mythical fountain.

By contrast, the celebrations that take part in Mojacar in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, which take place next October, will involve the towns married women who take the task of embroidering ribbons to commemorate their Patron Saint, in this case the ribbons are collected up by Mojacars married men.

Young singles boys and girls

As for the traditional Moors and Christians of Mojacar, which will again be held in June 2017, a different theme is given in relation to this traditional festival, which is very popular in the Spanish province of Alicante.

A few weeks ago we dedicated a publication to the Moors and Christians in Villajoyosa. We remind you that this popular celebration focused on the triumph of the Christian side on an attempted invasion of Berber troops. In the case of Mojacar, the issue is completely different, based on friendship and coexistence between different cultures. We are therefore faced with a peculiar celebration of Moors and Christians that is not based on the traditional struggle between the two sides. Mojacar celebrates its amicable settlement with the Moors based on feelings that eliminate racial and cultural barriers, which also are reflected in the elegant streets of Mojacar, as well as on its beaches, which are also used for activities during these popular festivities.

Therefore, if you visit our town in August, October or June next year, you can enjoy different holiday experiences first hand.Everyone is welcome to join in and celebrate all of Mojacars festivities.

If you choose to stay during any of these dates at either of our hotels Servigroup Marina Playa or Servigroup Marina Mar in Mojacar, you know that a just a few kilometres away you have the historic centre of the town, easily accessible by car, and with great parking facilities.There is also a regular bus service available in Mojacar if you don’t fancy taking the car.

Come and join us!!

Images provided by Mojácar Tourism Office 

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