Benidorm Fancy Dress Party 2017 is good to go!

Last week, we ended our blog giving you a little advance information on the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party, and we promised you we’d talk more about this spectacular British fiesta in our next post. And as we always keep all promises we make to our readers, this week we give you the full run down on the British Fancy Dress Party 2017, and bring you all the details that you’re no doubt eager to hear.

Benidorm’s Patron Saints’ Festivals draw to a close on Wednesday 15th November, with a procession of floats and fireworks. But it will be on Thursday 16th when the streets of Benidorm’s popular British zone continue with their grand celebration, with the public donning their best costumes and everyone enjoying the party atmosphere, full of cheer, fun and plenty of glamour.

And we say glamour because well-known figures from all walks of life will once again be depicted and parodied by people of all ages and all nationalities.
You can enjoy the spectacle of all the goings-on in the streets, hotels, bars and discos of this friendly and welcoming part of Benidorm.

Until a few years ago, the Fancy Dress Party was a celebration that was practically exclusive to the British in Benidorm. But now there are increasingly more Spaniards who decide to extend Benidorm’s Patron Saints’ Festivities one day more and enjoy this fantastic event as something of their own, becoming ever more established in the city.

Servigroup and the Fancy Dress Party 

Fancy Dress Party Benidorm 2017

This year, Servigroup Hotels will once again join in with the Fancy Dress Party and do their bit for this huge celebration.

This involvement includes running a competition that is already underway and which you can still sign up to; providing a unique atmosphere centred around the Hotel Orange (Benidorm) and Calypso Hotel (Benidorm); offering you various concerts as of 12th November in both hotels, where you can let yourself go to the rhythm of the most popular pop-rock bands in Benidorm; and finally, staging a procession of floats that will once again wow the public.


Fancy Dress Party Competition

Great party at the Benidorm Fancy Dress 2016

This year, Servigroup Hotels, the transport company Beniconnect and the popular British website Benidorm Seriously, are holding a prize draw offering the chance to win 2 stays for 2 people for 5 nights’ half-board. The prize will also include free express transfer from Alicante Airport.

To take part you must be able to collect the prize in person from Servigroup Orange Hotel, the venue for the draw which will take place on the 16th.

The winner can choose to stay at any hotel in the Servigroup chain, with the exception of Servigroup Montíboli Hotel in Villajoyosa (excluding very high season).


Fancy Dress Party Concerts

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party concerts

Performances by the popular bands Palanca y Cambio and Calm the Range will take place in the Terraza Calypso Bar on the 16th.

But this year, Servigroup is also bringing you a varied programme of “pre-Fancy Dress” concerts that will raise the musical curtain before the main day at Servigroup Orange Hotel.

It starts on 12th November and features some of Benidorm's most popular pop-rock groups performing their own original songs and covers of pop and rock’s greatest all-time classics. Dirty Bones, Purple Rose, Niko & John, Gaga & Michael, Peter Palace and Rocksody are the bands charged with ensuring that a great time is had by all in the run up to the day of the Fancy Dress Party. This will be a brilliant series of concerts that will conclude on 16th November at Servigroup Calypso Hotel.

What’s more, this year at Servigroup we’ve decided to go one step further and offer music at Benidorm's British Fancy Dress Party, from a variety of groups that are increasingly in demand and extremely popular with both the Spanish and British in the best known venues in the city.


Fancy Dress Party Parade of Floats

Fancy Dress 2016 floats

With regard to the actual Fancy Dress parade in Benidorm, our offering in the procession of floats will feature a medieval theme that is bound to surprise all, just like last year.

Once again it will be our friendly British public relations staff (our Guest Service) who will bring this spectacular float to life, dressed in the most elegant and colourful medieval court costumes. Alongside them, our Delfi will once again be bringing smiles to the faces of both children and adults.

Last year, our colleagues Karen, Jackie, Alison, Gill, Amanda, Elaine and Lynne did us proud when they climbed aboard a spectacular pirate boat together with our children’s mascot at the helm serving as captain. This is why we decided to surprise you once again with Servigroup’s newly-themed float in a parade that is certain to inspire admiration.

That said, this year’s procession of floats in the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party will be different, as it will start and end in the Avenida de Europa. By contrast, last year it left from the Avenida del Derramador, finishing in the Avenida Filipinas.
For this new parade of floats, the intention is to maintain the standard and innovate to ensure everyone gets to enjoy it to the full again.

On the evening of 16th November, the Benidorm Fancy Dress floats will depart from the Avenida de Europa, turning into Calle Lepanto. They will then reach the Avenida Derramador, and just after passing our Servigroup Calypso Hotel, will turn once again towards Calle Gerona. The procession will finish when all the floats have returned to the Avenida de Europa.

So now you know! Grab your costume and come and celebrate the Fancy Dress Party with Servigroup Hotels.

See you there!!  

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