The end of Summer. Don't you believe it?

After a long season in which you may have enjoyed a number of privileges that you probably couldn’t during the rest of the year, it would not be surprising to experience a certain feeling of sadness, which could be transformed in nostalgia as you leave summer behind.

The days are much longer and therefore more enjoyable, plus the good weather allows you to enjoy many more outdoor activities. Whether or not you have your holiday scheduled for the summer months, the feeling of freedom is always much higher.

Although the summer officially ends on September 21 with the arrival of the equinox, for many it ends in late August with September being labelled as the month in which we return to our normal routine. It’s when the children have to return to school, and we all make plans to begin a new phase, it’s a time to put our best foot forward.

Dusk on Benidorm beaches in Autumm

But are you really sure that the summer ends in September? Technically maybe, but what is a fact is that the good weather does not leave the beaches this month. In addition, large events continue, and if you decide to visit for a few days, towns such as Benidorm, Mojacar, Orihuela, Villajoyosa, Peñíscola, Alcocéber and La Manga, you can still find some very interesting things to do.

Autumn in the Mediterranean is ideal for practicing outdoor sports. Although it is clear that water activities on the beaches are considerably reduced, the climate is suitable for other practices such as running, hiking and cycling.

Servigroup, sports at any time of the tear

On the other hand, if you live in the Valencia region you normally have the added long break which celebrates the day of Valencia on October 9, with the popular Hispanidad Day, a public holiday throughout Spain which also coincides with the Fiesta of Pilar.

Perhaps after the symbolic Oct. 12 fiesta, this is when you start to really accept that summer is gone? Yet the good weather continues, although it is more or less at this time when you begin to ask yourself “is it time to dig out those warmer winter clothes, that you can start to use in the somewhat darker days.

This year, in the Valencia region you cannot enjoy the usual long bank holiday, but the regional festival will be held Wednesday for the day of Pilar and to celebrate unity of the national territory.

If you plan to stay in Benidorm or Villajoyosa throughout the month of October, it is likely to coincide with the Oktoberfest or Halloween night. And if it's November, that you choose to spend some time away from home, you can enjoy the popular Festival of Benidorm which includes the extravagant and international Fancy Dress Party. With all these fabulous fiestas, we conclude that autumn is not so sad. 

Floats at the Benidorm fiestas in November

On the other hand, in towns like Orihuela and its beaches, traditional events are continuously being organized by the Tourist Office including the popular tapas route which take place in October and November.

Mojacar should not be forgotten, with its famous outdoor Painting Contest, which is usually held in September. But do not forget the most important celebration, which takes place in honour of their patron saint, the Virgin del Rosario, which is held in early October, and in which married women and men of the city celebrate with a race on horseback. Just to remind you that the official holiday in the town of Mojacar is carried out on two dates: one at the end of August in honour of their patron saint St. Augustine, and the other at the beginning of October, which is dedicated to its patron the Virgen del Rosario.

As for sport in Mojacar, autumn poses no obstacle for those who are passionate for cycling, as well as any other outdoors sports. In fact, the Andalusian village has everything with reference to sport at any time of year.

In Peñíscola and Alcocéber, although perhaps the activity decreases a bit more, it is common throughout the year to practice such activities as surfing, diving, and also highlighting the famous canoe trips to the Columbretes Islands and classic departures from Peñiscola and Alcoceber to the Sierra de Irta.

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As in the other mentioned destinations, especially Mojacar it is very common to find cyclists on the roads of Peñíscola and Alcocéber as well as people practicing running along its beaches.

All this, coupled with the good weather, makes the end of summer not such a tragedy. For these reasons, our 9 hotels in Benidorm, Hotel Servigroup Montíboli, Servigroup La Zenia Hotel and our Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa in Mojacar as always, remain open 365 days a year.

Whether in summer or any other season, you can spend a few days away from home, we look forward to welcoming you in one of our many hotels. 

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