The moon determinates the Easter Holy Week

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, the religious festivities are celebrated in a many different ways. But perhaps the Easter festivities are the ones which retain their essence as a strictly religious celebration. Ultimately, maintaining traditional values and customs. Colourful processions which are emotional and richly symbolic, pass through the streets of Benidorm, Mojacar, Orihuela, Villajoyosa, Alcocéber and Peñíscola, take place throughout Spain during Easter holy week.

On the other hand, this religious celebration is not an obstacle for many Spaniards to have an early mini break near the beach, due to the fact that Easter falls earlier than usual this year.

Peñiscola and the moon

Why are we celebrating Easter in March this year?

The explanation is that these celebrations are always held throughout the week that coincides with the first full moon after the spring equinox, which takes place on the 22nd of March. And curiously, the first night that we will observe the moon in its fullness is a day later, on the 23rd of March.

Holidays depending on the autonomous communities of Spain.

Some of the Spanish communities commence their Easter holidays earlier than others. This is explained by the fact that the school calendar is not the same in all parts of Spain. For example, in communities such as Madrid, Andalusia and Galicia, the last day of school is on the 18th until Monday the 28th March. In other regional areas such as Valencia, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia, La Rioja and the Basque Country classes will finish on Wednesday the 23rd of March and in many cases will not go  back  until two weeks later!. But one way or another, Servigroups 16 hotels are at your entire disposition. And as during the summer months, our entertainment service, including our mascot Delfi, will still be working hard so parents and children will have the maximum fun at all times.

Delfi and friends

As for those who want to combine fun with the traditions of Easter, in Benidorm we can recommend its traditional “dia de la Mona”which is always held in a prominent public area of the town, as well as other landmarks such as the island of Benidorm, where visitors can take a boat trip over to spend the day.  Why not try the traditional Easter cake called “La mona de pascua” which is very typical in the Valencian community... And for those of you interested in the history of our town, why not arrive a little earlier, and assist the very interesting ceremony commemorating the historic discovery of the Virgin of Suffrage, and thus know first-hand how she became our patron saint.

Cófrades, Jesucristo y discípulos

We would also like to remind you that the Benidorm Palace show is available for all of you, either on Tuesday the 22nd or Friday the 25th “free of charge”, the only requirement is that you be a guest at any of the hotels belonging to our chain (subject to availability).

Mojacar, a town that also offers a full schedule for Holy Week, why not choose the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa and its original Holy Burial Procession and the popular "Procession de la borriquilla" or the spectacular magic event which repeats again this year  as part  of  mojaquero  Easter  programme.

Procession of nazarenes in Benidorm

In Peñíscola, for those of you who may have thought about spending your Easter Holidays in our Servigroup Papa Luna, guided tours with different cultural themes are available, with departures that leave from the Central Bureau of Tourism and other points of Peñíscola, which combined with organized gastronomic events, will leave you with a pleasant taste.

Servigroup offers you a wide range of possibilities in different destinations. 



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