We offer you the most delicious Christmas desserts for the holidays

The most endearing dates of the year have arrived. If you like cooking then you will know that a perfect Christmas meal cannot be without a dessert that provokes the delights of your family, friends or guests, we have decided to offer you the following proposals.

The table at Christmas

Therefore, and because it is very likely that you do not know what to cook to surprise your guests, in this publication we are going to challenge you with three Christmas desserts that will make you the great host that you have been every year at Christmas.


Almond soft nougat

Christmas Desserts Servigroup

Although Christmas dessert par excellence in Spain is undoubtedly the nougat in its many varieties, we will start by showing you one that you can make yourself without much difficulty. This is the traditional Christmas soft nougat.

For this you will need 5 egg whites, roughly 100 grams of sugar, about 700 grams of almonds, 400 grams of honey, ground cinnamon and liquorice powder.

First you will have to heat the honey in a saucepan until it reaches boiling point. Then add the 100 grams of sugar. You should continue to boil the mixture until you get a succulent syrup.

The egg whites should be beaten, preferably with a blender, and then add everything to the previous mixture. Now it's time to mix that syrup you've made with the whites, continue stirring the whole mixture. You must add it little by little and continue beating until there is a solid mixture.

You will need to toast the almonds in a pan with very little oil until they get a considerable golden hue. Then you will need to crush them, once you have them done, you will then need to add them to the previous mixture, adding a minimum dose of liquorice and cinnamon. You then stir this complete mixture in a pan slowly until you get an attractive homogeneous and solid mass.

Now you will have to divide everything into rectangular molds, then let them stand for at least 5 hours, covering with paper. Once you remove them, you will find a succulent soft Christmas nougat.


Coconut balls

Christmas desserts Servigroup

This is a simple dessert, easy to prepare, esthetically very attractive and delicious to finish your Christmas meals.

To make these authentic coconut balls you will need about 300 grams of grated coconut, about 450 grams of condensed milk, 300 grams of white chocolate, another 300 grams of dark chocolate and chocolate sprinkles (a minimum dose, simply to decorate).

With these quantities you can make between 60 and 70 coconut balls, which always come in handy to offer on different occasions.

To begin, introduce the grated coconut into a container, and then add the condensed milk. You will need stir the mixture until you get a consistent result.

With this mixture, you will need cover it with cling film and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 15 hours.

Once this is done you will need to melt both the white and dark chocolates (separately).

It will then be time to make up the small balls from the coconut mixture, then roll them between the white and/or dark chocolate that you have previously melted. We propose that you work with both types of chocolates to give variety to the dessert.

If you add a few pinches of chocolate sprinkles later, they will be even more delicious and attractive.


Mojito sorbet

Mojito sorbet at Christmas

If you are looking for something lighter, but exotic, what better option than a mojito sorbet? It is a very popular dessert in South America, which is becoming more frequent at the tables of our country during these dates.

To make it, you will need a litre of lemon sorbet, half a bottle of cava, a glass of mojito (according to your taste), and a shot of rum, preferably dark.

You should start by putting the ice cream in a container to beat it. You can do it with a blender, although the traditional thing in this case, is to do it with the spatula. Then you need to add the glass of mojito, along with a stream of rum, which you will continue beating for a couple of minutes.

Now distribute the mixture into different glasses or cocktail glasses, and it is ready to drink.

We hope this has served as inspiration for this Christmas, for you to triumph once again.

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