David Guetta returns to the Guillermo Amor

Another year, and it can be confirmed without doubt that we are heading for a Summer of concerts in Benidorm. There are many big artists gracing the small town of skyscrapers to climb a great stage: the first has been Melendi, who once again managed to get into the souls of the most demanding public earlier this summer in The Benidorm Bullring. A couple of weeks later, it was Luis Fonsi who revolutionized the town to the rhythm of his great successes. And only a day later, the great followers of India Martinez enjoyed an elegant, as well as emotional gala in the fabulous Benidorm Palace.

Now, between the two major music festivals in Benidorm, the Low Festival and the Iberia Festival, we have for the second year in a row the unstoppable David Guetta who on this occasion will offer a revamped show along with a new album full of surprises in The Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor of Benidorm.

The great number 1 of electronic music will arrive in our town on the 12th August, where once again he will offer the only concert in Spain this year. In fact, his producer is already fully dedicated, organizing one of the most complex montages of the summer.

A long show is planned in which Guetta will perform accompanied by some of his best disc jockeys, great professionals with whom he usually works with.

David Guetta with the best DJ collaborators

It was last February when promoter Benidorm Sound communicated in a press conference in the company of Toni Pérez, Mayor of Benidorm, that David Guetta would be part of this new program of concerts for the summer of 2017.

The performance will last for more than 7 hours, in which the public will not stop singing and dancing to those songs in synchronization with the voices of the most symbolic pop stars of the moment.


A wide and extremely varied portfolio

Official David Guetta Concert Poster in Benidorm

Seven studio albums, a long career as an entrepreneur and an endless list of reciprocal collaborations with artists such as Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sia, Akon, The Black-Eyed Peas, the multifaceted and Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson, among many others. Also, he was the master of the electronics in a single step to co-produce a disc with Madonna. But this agreement was never made feasible, due to the commitment that the queen of the pop had with her previous record label.

Until just three years ago he was touring the stadiums around the world as the opening act for the best. It was in fact in 2013 that he caused the same expectation as the performance of the Black-Eyed Peas (main artists), that appeared once Guetta finished to play his best musical pieces.

David Guetta in Benidorm again

David Guetta, who for many years was dedicated to running a series of discotheques in different cities around the world, decided to leave the business to devote himself fully to producing only the big ones, and also to publish his own albums. For that reason, he decided to sell all of his establishments and dedicate himself to doing what he liked best. But it was in 2005 when the single, The world is mine made it to the top of the most important dance charts around the world. Then came Pop Life, and One Love. In the latter case, he was also number one on the pop charts with his first single, When Love takes over, resurrecting Kelly Rowland who did not quite succeed with a solo career which was full of ups and downs.


David Guetta in Benidorm last year

After the release of his album One Love, David Guetta was considered as one of the biggest DJs in the world, and more and more artists insisted on working with him.

David Guetta Concert in the Guillermo Amor

He also managed to make an unknown Sia, who was already in quarantine, become a star whose themes today are among the most listened and danced to of the moment. All this thanks to an innovative composition that he named Titanium, which was the second single from his fifth album Nothing but the beat.

David Guetta and Sia: Titanium

New studio album

His last album ID this spring featured some of his songs as a breakthrough, including pieces featuring Justin BieberLil WayneAfrojack, and again his muse Nicki Minaj.

The most recent musical offering by David Guetta is 2U. It's a second breakthrough single that is playing on the world's radio stations and dance floors to the beat of Justin Bieber's voice. In fact, in this latest video by David Guetta, we see the most beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels making their poshest poses.

He has also collaborated on the new single from the last album of Bruno Mars. A theme called Versace on the Floor, which sounds like the Honolulu artist's style, and where the DJ has once again put his own personal touch.

We remind you that Guillermo Amor Football Stadium is accessible through the corresponding local bus lines, so if you are staying in any of the 9 hotels that the Servigroup chain has in Benidorm, you have the stops very close to any of the hotels.

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Images cortesy  Los Chicos del Barrio

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