The darts. Hobby or sport?

Darts is not just a mode of entertainment or sport. The traditional game of darts can be traced back hundreds of years.
Here is a short article on how darts is played as a sport activity, we will also learn how it all started, rules, techniques, as well as some useful tips. A video example on how to throw a dart! And we will finish talking briefly about the annual tournament held at the Hotel Pueblo Benidorm.

The idea is that once you read this post, you will be ready to play.

Darboard with dart

What are darts and how to play?

This sport has a long and interesting history dating back to no less than the fourteenth century (1314 is the earliest date that has been recorded).Some believe and claim that dart history began when bored soldiers challenged each other by throwing their spears into turned over wine barrel bases, thus being not only a mode of entertainment, but as training for their upcoming fights.

From that moment, lots of references can be found on a hobby that was becoming quite a sport. Christopher Columbus, Henry VIII and Napoleon Bonaparte are just a few of the names we can find.
Darts is a very entertaining game.The board is split up into twenty separate sections that are each allocated to a particular number. Hitting one of the larger portions of these sections (traditionally coloured black and yellow), scores precisely the points value for that section.

Hitting the thin outer portions of these sections (coloured red and green) scores double the point’s value for that section.

Hitting the thin inner portions or these sections (roughly halfway between the outer wire and the centre of the board) scores triple the point’s value of that section.

The centre of the board or Bulls Eye is split into two sections, a green outer ring known as the "Outer Bull" hitting this section scores 25 points, and the red inner circle, which is usually known as the "Bull" or "Inner Bull" and is worth 50 points.

And there is no better way to understand the theory of the game than with a practical class, we will show you a spectacular example of how you should throw the darts. And what better way than viewing the video which is considered and titled the greatest shot ever.

Servigroup and darts

At the beginning of April the 9th Benidorm classic darts tournament will take place, and for the sixth consecutive time will be held in our Hotel Servigroup Pueblo Benidorm. The tournament will take place in our Salon Atlantico with various categories.

People playing

The categories are as follows:

 - Men’s Singles

- Ladies Singles

- Men’s Doubles -Ladies Doubles

- Mixed Doubles -Mixed Triples

- Mixed Triples

The final tournament will take place on April the  14th, with a main Dart board on Centre stage and a projection screen, in which each of the categories will play  independently this time. Throughout the remaining days (before the final), members of each category play independently on their respective boards.

Man throwing a dart in the Servigroup Benidorm

As we mentioned at the beginning of this publication, now all you have to do is put the theory into practice, and as the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”

Good Luck!

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