What costume will you be wearing for Halloween?

In our Servigroup Hotels, you will find areas of our hotels, transformed into spooky scenarios, always with the purpose to liven up this mythical Halloween night. Thus, in addition to our scary but fun decoration, you will also find some staff dressed appropriately for the occasion. Do you dare?

The question is whether you come and enjoy the fun or stay home during those days; Servigroup hotels give you the option to experience first-hand the traditional atmosphere of this mythical and eccentric night.

But do you know what will be your costume for this year? In this publication we are going to offer some ideas for you not to stay at home that night, and if you dare to leave, don’t be unprepared make sure you have your costume.

Servigroup Rialto decoration with a typical Halloween skull

Therefore, here are some great ideas that will save your time. The alternatives are endless; you can be smart, creative, original, attractive or a more frightening appearance. The idea is that you can decide on whether you want to be, more or less shocking, and at the same time enjoy this terrifyingly fun night.

We would like to show you some examples of the most classic and simple costumes, all based on literature, comics and horror movies. Our intention is to encourage a creative, economic and original way, for you to terrorize anyone who passes by you.

1- Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein

You may be tall or small; a Frankenstein costume is always good for a Halloween night.

As you know, this is one the most iconic and terrifying, characters (while also being lovable) of the literary world, which holds no barrier to represent the monster that was once created by Mary Shelley.

All you need is either some Platform shoes or shoes with a thick sole, black trousers, a black jacket with shoulder pads would be the perfect choice. If you do not have to hand a black jacket, a dark jersey would also be fine. Then by combining green and white makeup and adding a bit of gel to your fringe, you'll be an authentic Frankenstein. Also, if you want to be consistent with your partner, the disguise of the Bride of Frankenstein is the perfect choice. Although this is a bit more complex so perhaps the best option is to go to a costume shop.

But if your partner is daring enough, another alternative for the bride of Frankenstein is to get hold of some old white clothing to rip up, and wrap your arms with a white cloth as a bandage, extended from the wrist to the shoulder. Not forgetting the particular black wig with hair up and white streaks, and a white cape. 

2- Witch

If your idea is to go dressed up as a witch, this is another one of the simplest options.

A tight black dress, long or short, will give the traditional look, but also increasingly frequent on Halloween night is the sexy witch. To do this, an elegant and simple necklace would be the icing on the cake. Also any black pendant if you prefer, provided it does not clash with the look you are going for. As for the belt, it is important to be fairly wide with a large buckle. Not forgetting the witches hat and cape. Apart from the classic cape, you could always make an original hat yourself. With some duct tape, some wire and classic black foam, used in schools for art and crafts; you could really design an original and amazing witch’s hat. Or if you prefer to buy these, they would not be not at all difficult to find.

As for makeup, again you can be very original but not forgetting the striking red tones, which would be more than enough.

If, however, you prefer to be a classic witch, simply a skirt and a black shirt combined with boots, also black. The hat, which you could make yourself, you can add some of the typical material used for upholstering any furniture, making it look like human skin is attached to the hat, or even the classic feathers.

All this, plus if you want to improve the outfit with a red or green wig under the hat and false nose, this will give you the more Snow White Witch It is all a matter of preference.

3- Vampire

It is another case where you have to decide whether to go elegant and handsome or dress in a more casual way, scruffy and scary.

If you are a fan of Bram Stoker's classic Count Dracula, then a disguise will be very easy to create yourself.

For both men and women, the best combination is always red, black and white. If you want to be an elegant vampire, simply black pants, preferably silk, a white shirt, a red waistcoat, a black coat, and not forgetting the pale white facial makeup, then adding a few touches of fake blood around the mouth, and of course the essential fangs you outfit will be complete.

If you want to dress up as a vampiress as a couple with the intention to go dressed as vampires, any tight dress, red or black, to combine with your partner make you will become the most glamorous vampires at the party. Also do not forget the fangs or will run the danger of being mistaken for a witch or a typical demon.

If, however, your style is more vampire or vampiress as seen in From Dusk Till Dawn, you have it even easier, because any drab or old torn clothes, in combination with a shocking mask, type zombie and fangs will make everyone tremble as they pass you by.

In this case, again don’t you fangs or you could be mistaken for a zombie.

4- Zombie

The zombie costume, which over recent years has become common, due to the flood of television series and movies that have been premiering (World War Z, I am Legend, The Walking Dead, iZombie, is an option always ideal for the occasion because it never gets old.

Also, going disguised as a zombie leaves it completely open in that you can choose endless alternatives. Simply choose a type or a particular profession, and turn it into living dead. For example, if you go as a senior executive, Doctor, Nurse or dancer just choose a suit that you no longer use, a white coat or a typical tutu, just by dirtying it, tearing and staining it with blood, mud, remains of herbs or weeds, etc. As for the face, as in other cases, it may be sufficient with a little makeup or a mask adapted to the occasion if you do not want to invest more time and money.

Zombie costume proposal

5- Wolfman

We are already at the last of the classics, also very common on Halloween night. Although it is a more appropriate choice for men, the chance is increasing that you may meet the feminine version. As in other simple and inexpensive alternatives, it could be enough with a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, preferably broken.

Although in many cases when making a Wolf man outfit, you can make use of fabric decorated to appear as hair, another idea is to put on a brown fur jacket, that could simulate the real hair under a shirt buttoned to the neck (very common in colder cities).
With this option, in some cases, a short-sleeved shirt can also be very effective.

As for makeup, a nose painted black, thick eyebrows and extreme dark circles would be perfect.

All this and of course not forgetting large fake claws and proper teeth from any costume shop.

Whether choosing one option or another, the important thing is that you contribute to creating that very frightening and fun atmosphere of Halloween night, either enjoying a great party at one of the hotels Servigroup, or in your home town.

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