Christmas in Benidorm, 10 reasons to live it

Beach destinations are not usually considered as resorts that offer a Christmas ambience. On the contrary, it is usually said that tourist destinations are the least suitable for celebrating Christmas. So, you may find it strange to compare Christmas in a major city or inland town with the kind of Christmas we celebrate in towns that are traditionally tourist areas such as Benidorm

Nevertheless, in this publication, we are going to try to break the myth and therefore convince you that in Benidorm we celebrate an authentic Christmas.

The fact is, that here in Benidorm we are able to transform a warm holiday resort into a white wonderland and all without the need for hats, gloves and winter coats.

We invite you to discover for yourself that Christmas spirit that invades in these dates the small city of skyscrapers.

And Christmas in Benidorm offers all kinds of activities and events for all likes and ages. Even then, those events that are planned stand out so you can enjoy them as a family.

Christmas in Benidorm

Here at Servigroup Hotels we suggest 10 activities to make sure you enjoy the festive season in the best posible way because although the beach and the sea are near its still Christmas.


 1- The Christmas Square

Old Town Christmas Decorations

The is in the same spot every year, the Plaza SS.MM Los Reyes de España which during the month of December is transformed into the Christmas Square. The magical atmosphere will inspire you to spend some time here with your family enjoying the varios attractions, bouncy castles, covered ice skating rink and daily performances especially focused towards the younger members of the family.

On their ice rink, adults and children come together with a common intention: to have a great time and to live a Christmas in the style of that Manhattan Christmas in which there is never an ice skating rink out of sight.


2- Christmas Village

Christmas Village Benidorm

Continuing along the Calle Gambo you find the Christmas Village: mini fairground rides are set up along the main commercial street, with lots of things to do for the little ones, Father Christmas has his special log cabin there also, so don’t forget to take your letter along to give to him...!!


3- Theatrical performances and shows

Peter Pan in Benidorm

The theatrical performances are an outstanding option for the children to enjoy and off course the adults as well!

There will be lots of events and daily shows, representations od childrens popular characters and theatre as well as some good quality magic shows. Some of these shows will take place in the Bendiorm Town Hall assembly hall.

This year, a highlight will be the representation “In the clouds”, performed by the company Black and which will be presented throughout different times in the auditorium of the Benidorm Town Hall, next to the Christmas Square. Vaivén Circus will also perform the play “Do not Disturb”, in the heart of the Christmas Square. 

“There was a time the world” by Escenoart will be another great attraction for the month of December in the Christmas Square. And of course not forgetting the numerous productions and performances for children.


4- Benidorms Nativity Scene

Nativity scene at the Museum

Benidorms Nativity Scene organised be the La Barqueta Associacion will be on display in their headquarters situated on the Tomás Ortuño street. This is an authentic work of art which has been displayed in Benidorm for many years now, always with some new added touches.


5- Competition of Christmas window displays

Benidorm Christmas Widow Displays Hotel Calypso

As for the popular Benidorm Christmas Showcase competition, this year, even more establishments are participating to compete for great prizes in a spectacular presentation (for which the exact date is yet to be confirmed). The Benidorm Town Hall will once again organise a spectacular event in which Servigroup Hotels has accumulated a number of prizes. All the participating businesses (winners or not), will display (fundamental requirement) their Christmas decorations until January 7th.


6- The San Silvestre race 

San silvestre Race Benidorm

The most popular sporting event of the Benidorm festive season is without doubt the “Carrera de San Silvestre” which this year is celebrated on the 31st of December.


7- "Before Christmas" Party 

The popular Christmas Square is transformed into a big party, just some hours befor the traditional Christmas Eve Dinner.

The Christmas square and the narrow streets of the historic center of Benidorm are transformed into a great party before the great Christmas Eve dinner. It is a particular way to celebrate the start of Christmas, just a few hours before the big family dinner.

The party usually starts from midday, always ending usually late in the evening.


8- The Great Christmas Night

The great xmas night is organised year after year by the Benidorm Fiestas Commision. This great celebration to welcome Christmas will take place once again in the Plaza of the Constitución, where you can commence your Chrismas celebrations in a simple, happy ambience.

Where to find it? In the Plaza de la Constitución, at the end of the Alameda street going towards the old town of Benidorm, where you will find lots of people and activity going on.

9- The Big New Years Eve Party

Benidorm Big New Years Eve Party

This essential event is once again held on the Levante Beach, as a change from other years when New Year was celebrated in the Christmas Square or the Plaza de la Hispanidad. You can enjoy the 12 lucky grapes and continue with the party until late.


10- The Three Kings Parade

The Benidorm Three Kings Parade

The Three Kings Parade will be on the 5th of January at 18.00 hrs. If you are staying in Benidorm your children can enjoy this traditional and emotive event.

In Servigroup Hotels you can enjoy Christmas in a pure state with the original decorations, our Christmas and New Year Gala meals. You can have your 12 lucky grapes in a familiar and tranquil atmosphere and without doubt enjoy the great celebrations with the free bar.


Don't miss out on our Christmas…!! 

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