We prepare for Carnival 2018

In a few days, our streets will be coloured again with spectacular costumes that will as always reflect the satire, the political parody, and also the most current characters of television and cinema.

In this publication, we will show you the different ways to celebrate the carnival, referring to the three destinations most frequented by our customers.

These are three areas where you can celebrate Carnival in style. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at these different ways to enjoy a break before the long-awaited Easter holidays.

So, we will give you an insight about carnival 2018 in Benidorm and Mojácar. But even though our Hotel La Zenia is part of the Orihuela coast, we also wish to inform you of the carnivals in Torrevieja, as much for the popularity that they have in the area, as for their close proximity to our establishment.


The Carnivals in Torrevieja

Skull Costumes in carnival

If you are going to stay at our Hotel Servigroup La Zenia, the closest carnival party to you is in Torrevieja, where you could be in the centre of the city in a few minutes.

The carnivals in Torrevieja are very popular, as well as extensive, since they have a full program that occupies no less than four weekends.

This year January 27th was when this exciting and funny proclamation took place, which was accompanied by the presentation of the queens for Carnival 2018 in Torrevieja.

During the following weekend (February 2nd and 3rd), outstanding events were held such as the Carnival Days of Torrevieja, in which a series of activities were launched that culminated with a raffle of gifts. Another popular event that saw the light on Saturday, 3rd February, was the Drag Queen Gala Contest Torrevieja 2018.

But it will be the 8th, 10th and 11th of February when some of the main events will take place, such as (respectively) the Carnival Dance for the Elderly, the Torrevieja chirigota contest and the carnival parade contest (daytime parade of Carnival in Torrevieja). This last act, will constitute one of the two main parades, and will depart at 16.00 on the 11th February   from the Plaza María Asunción.

But the main carnival parade 2018 in Torrevieja, also known as the Carnival Night Parade, will be held on Saturday, February 17, and will start from the central plaza María Asunción from 9:00 pm and tour some of the main streets of Torrevieja.


The Carnival parade in Benidorm

Carnival in Benidorm

It will be February 10th when the popular Carnival 2018 takes off in Benidorm. For this, there will be two parades again: one in the morning for children, and another in the evening for adults.

As every year, the parade will be organized by the official clubs, (the Peñas) of the Benidorm Association who will be in charge of arranging the order in which they will parade.

The parade will start from calle Venus, to proceed through Calle Ruzafa and a final journey through Herrerías until its completion in the Plaza SS.MM. Los Reyes de España.

As usual, at the finishing point the judges will be waiting to present each of the clubs, and that at the end of the parade will deliberate, then proceed to the awards ceremony of the Benidorm 2018 Carnival.

Which will be in the same Plaza SS.MM Los Reyes de España where a great party will be held afterwards, both for participants who go in disguise, and for the attending public, with bar service at popular prices.

This is where the music will be played late into the night by a DJ.


Carnival in Mojácar

Exotic costumes for Carnival

If you are one of those who like to get away to Mojácar from time to time, there will also be carnivals for several days.

Among its varied and entertaining events, we recommend the display of chirigotas (funny rhymes to music) in the Multiple Use Center (Friday 9th February at 9:00 p.m.) and the Great Carnival Parade of Mojácar, which will start at the Rio Aguas roundabout and will culminate in the commercial park roundabout (Saturday, February 10 at 5:00 p.m.).

At the end of the parade, a spectacular Carnival Ball will be launched in the Multiple Use Center, and a subsequent delivery of prizes to the costumes that manage to win over the jury.


Do you dare to come for carnival? Choose one destination or another, we will be waiting for you in any of our hotels.


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