BMW starts its engines in Mojácar

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Mojácar is a great place to drive because of its exciting landscape, good climate, quality roads and lack of traffic. For these reasons, this part of the world has been very popular among both fans and professionals of cycling and motoring since the 1980s.

As it has done for more than six years now, the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa is hosting the International Presentation of the new BMW Motorrad motorcycles in Mojácar from late January. This major event introduces the latest innovations from the Bavarian company on an international stage at a spectacular seaside venue. The meeting is organised by the German company Bike Promotion, who work almost exclusively for BMW to prepare events of this nature. Once again, they have placed their trust in Servigroup to guarantee the success of this meeting.

The BMW Motorrad Test-Camp has enjoyed great success in recent years. Thousands of BMW Motorrad enthusiasts descend on Mojácar from all over Europe (Germany, Liechtenstein, Norway, etc.) to try out the latest BMW Motorrad models and check out the latest developments personally. In fact, the event is attended by fans, the curious, professionals, journalists from specialist publications and various important figures to witness the latest advancements and see the machines in operation with their own eyes.

A wide range of motorcycles are brought to the event: Scooters, road and off-road bikes in a range of engine sizes... Right now, we have around 300 motorcycles in our garages at the Servigroup Marina Playa, all impatiently raring to go.

You can find the following models: 

- BMW R Nine T Scrambler

- BMW Nine T Pure

- BMW R Nine T Racer

- BMW S 1000 XR

- BMW 1200 RS

- BMW S 1000 R

- BMW K 1600 GT

- BMW S 100 R

- BMW R 1200 GS

- BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

- BMW F 800 GS

- BMW F 800 GS Adventure

- BMW F 700 GS

- BMW C Evolution

- New electric Scooter

Bike Promotion offers packages of various types and prices that include everything à la carte: transfers, accommodation, food, test drives, workshops, insurance, etc.

The test sessions included in these packages are highly varied and ensure riders get a very good idea about the product, including on-road, off-road and track time. Bike Promotion offers group sessions for 10 to 15 riders per instructor so the chosen bike can be tested. The group is accompanied by logistical support units and the authorities are notified in case of any unexpected problems.

- Road: Mojácar offers winding routes along good roads that run from the sea to the mountains through some impressive landscapes.

- Off-road (paths and dry riverbeds): for adventure junkies who will ride along craggy gravel tracks in the Sierra Cabrera mountains.

- Circuit: the Almería Race Track is only 60 kilometres from the hotel. It is a modern circuit and very well-equipped for practice sessions by motorcycling experts.

It is quite a spectacular sight to see rows and rows of new motorcycles fresh from the factory and still smelling of paint getting ready to set off from outside the hotel.

The 4-star Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa has the right infrastructure and extensive experience for hosting events of such a large scale. It offers the highest levels of comfort and privacy to these large companies, with 3,000 square metres of indoor parking space and 2,000 square metres of outdoor parking space - both separate from the usual parking spaces used by hotel guests (also with separate entrances and exits). It has exclusive garages - as well as a workshop fitted with a lift and a wide range of tools - that perfectly suit the technical requirements of each client. Security is guaranteed by 64 surveillance cameras throughout the hotel that operate 24 hours a day. The Servigroup Marina Playa has thus consolidated its position as a hotel targeting and specialising in motor sports events. In fact, it is very often used for motor club meetings and other such events.

Time for a break on the beach

These events are of great significance to the local area as they represent a different form of quality tourism not reliant on seasons which take on a festival atmosphere, attracting fans, experts, journalists and figures from the local and provincial authorities. These activities ensure that the hotel maintains its services throughout the year with the same quality characteristics and customer service.

In turn, BMW and Bike Promotion Europe - leaders in the world of motorcycling - expressed gratitude for this award and highlighted the quality service and professionalism with which all their needs have been met for implementing their ambitious project in Mojácar, the perfect location.

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