Will you be coming to Benidorm Fiestas?

Just as every year, in November, you can see the famous festival in Benidorm, a town that recently celebrated the 276 anniversary of its symbolic discovery of the Virgin of Suffrage.

A program of activities, concerts and performances, traditional funfair and lots of fun in the emblematic penyas (clubs) are at your disposal from next November 11.

Benidorm’s town centre again transforms into a colourful scenario that shines, with its original parades, the symbolic mascletás (firecrackers), the sound of the bands, the emotional parades and the peculiar and characteristic smell of gunpowder.

Fun is most defiantly assured. These festivities will begin on Friday, November 11, to conclude on Wednesday 16, with its colourful parade of floats and spectacular fireworks display.


Announcing of the Peñas (Clubs)

This famous local festival opens each year with an emotional, while fun introduction of the penyas (local clubs) which is the start of this huge party. Thus, you will have the opportunity to witness this fun parade from the street Tomas Ortuño, descending along the whole Ruzafa street to the finishing point of the parade in Martinez Alejos Avenue.   

When the parade ends, you can watch the presentation of the commemorative plaques and traditional flag ribbons to all the flags and    banners on behalf of Benidorm’s town council and the Association of Peñas. 

Celebrating the finding of the Virgin

Although it is a fun charged atmosphere, the essence of the celebration of the festivities in Benidorm is of a historical and religious character. It is to commemorate the discovery of the Virgin of Suffrage, which last March completed its 276 anniversary.

This event is commemorated by an emotional dramatization on the Poniente beach where you can experience first-hand the moment when "the Virgin appeared intact" after a devastating fire in a nearby boat close to shore. This extraordinary representation takes place year after year has now been declared as an Important Tourist Festival in the Valencia Community.


Traditional flower offering to the Virgin of Suffrage

Another  traditional event of interest is the legendary and popular Offering of flowers to the Virgin of Suffrage, in which once again the penyas  of Benidorm travel the Paseo de la Carretera starting at the Elche Park  continuing along the Alameda street and Calle Mayor until they arrive at the church of San Jaime and Santa Ana. Once there, the flowers will be offered to the Virgin. This event can be witnessed twice a year, once in spring, coinciding with the exact date of when the statue was found, and again in November, as an essential act on the Saturday of the Benidorm fiesta. This beautiful procession always takes place after the staging of the finding of the statue.

The great children’s park

Benidorm fiestas are very popular, especially during the weekend by tourists and residents from nearby towns. Throughout the fiesta, you can see, all kinds of events being offered in a varied program aimed at both adults and children. Thus, if you have children, or just want to enjoy your environment, we recommend the large playground which will this year be located at the Plaza de los Reyes de España, unlike in previous years when it was located at the Paseo Colón next to the port area.


The Benidorm Fairground

Also do not forget the amazing fairground, which is erected on the forecourt located close to the Benidorm Bull Ring, which also offers attractions for the little ones. In addition, there is always a day, (sometimes even more than one) in which the rides for both children and adults are at popular prices. For example on Friday November 11 following the inauguration of the fairground and celebrating children’s day the little ones can enjoy the rides at very affordable prices from 19.00hrs.


The penyas (clubs) in Fiestas

The penyas (clubs) in Benidorm open their doors to offer an extraordinary atmosphere full of music and fun, in some cases they have their own program in which activities, contests and performances by some groups or small bands can be enjoyed.

A key event of the festivities is its famous gymkhanas. In fact, every year this is carried out by a previously selected penya, holding the traditional gymkhana fiesta, which this year will be organized by the XD penya, which haves already opened the registration period for participation, and again will take place after a Mass and a breakfast at the Casal del Fester of Benidorm. Although it is an event dedicated especially to the members of the penya, you can also enjoy watching this event.

Another example is the popular karaoke contest that is offered by some penyas, also open for the public who want to participate. For example, the Penya Melic, winner of the 2015 handmade float, traditionally hold this contest on the Sunday.

Award for the best craft float in the Benidorm Fiestas 2015

The parade of humour

This is held very near the end, on the Tuesday, you can witness the parade of humour. This is a fun event in which the participating clubs let their imagination flow and good sense of humour come to the fore, to get you laughing with the eccentric gear. In this fun event, satire, irony and parody strictly related to current events will be seen, this is a constant, year after year and continues to guarantee a fun time.

For this year’s humorous parade 2016, there will be five winning peñas. The awards will be sponsored by the Fiesta Commission with exception to the second prize which will be organised by the Association of Peñas.  



An essential part of the Benidorm Fiestas is without doubt the musical performances and concerts. On this occasion the highlights will be live performances by the Orquesta Athenas which you can enjoy on Monday November 14 at 23.00hrs at the Calle Gambo and Fórmula V from 00.30hrs at the Plaza Los Reyes de España.

However, the star performance for this year’s Benidorm Fiestas will be the veteran duo Azúcar Moreno (Brown Sugar) also in the Plaza Los Reyes de España. This performance will take place on Sunday November 13 at 23.30Hrs, although we recommend that you arrive early in order to choose a good spot.


The end of the festivities: the parade of floats and firework display 

At the end of this full and varied program, you can enjoy a spectacular and increasingly creative colourful parade of floats, in which there are two winning clubs (1 winner for the best float and the other for the best hand crafted float). Upon completion of the parade, you can go to the beach to witness their artistic and impressive firework display. But if you still want more, in the big marquee at the plaza SS. MM. Los Reyes de España in the Aigüera Park, the Festival Committee continue with the awards for the winning floats.

Fireworks castle ending the Fiestas of Benidorm

But we still have the Fancy Dress Party

But if you are still up to more partying,  at the end of Benidorm fiestas, you can continue having a great time on Thursday, 17 with the very famous and biggest Fancy Dress Party in Spain, which will be discussed in our next publication.

Whatever your idea is of fun, the program offers alternatives for all tastes. We look forward to seeing you at the Benidorm Fiestas 2016.

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