Fancy Dress Party

Benidorm is a place where partying and entertainment are non-stop, as thousands of its visitors who arrive from all around the world well know. The Benidorm Fiestas attracts a lot of international coverage and every year creates a buzz among those who attend. Attending the fiesta is being part of a unique event which takes place every twelve months and offers all kinds of fun. Ithonours the Virgin of Suffrage and St. James the Apostle, the patron saint of Benidorm. The party stretches six days where there are activities for all ages from football, live music, fishing competitions to cultural events and processions where the habitants of Benidorm show their devotion to the patron saint and virgin of the town. It takes place the second Friday in November & is held until the following Wednesday, culminating in a spectacular firework display.

Although the fiestas are always enjoyed as though every day was the first, most guests can’t wait for the moment when the fiesta ends. The reason for this is that when the Benidorm Fiesta officially ends, one of the most awaited and fun event of the year is held: The Fancy Dress Party.

Fancy Dress Party in Rincon de Loix

What is the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party?

The Fancy Dress Party, as the name indicates is a party of costumes very popular with the British tourists. We don’t think of it as a carnival, but as a real party in which the guests, (who are thousands) get dressed up to have a good time, enjoying good company, entertainment and great atmosphere. The event is held every year on the Thursday that follows the last day of the Fiestas and has been going for more than 20 years throughout which we have seen more and more original and fun costumes.

The place where is held.

The area in which is held is the renowned Rincon de Loix, one of the most visited areas along the beach resort. It is streets and surroundings as well as its establishments are decorated so that visitors can have a great time dancing and meeting other people. The creation of the Fancy dress party has a lot to do with Manolo from Sinatras bar, who saw a great opportunity to bring together the British Bars where visitors from the UK and all around the world could meet and take part in the fiesta.    

If you are ready to take part in the Fancy Dress Party, you can be sure that you will have a great time enjoying some unforgettable memories. It is better if you are in company of course, but if you go on your own, don’t worry as it is a certainty that you will end up meeting some great people to have a good time with.

Street of Benidorm

Fun and ideas for costumes.

Just by taking a look at the photographs in the article you can get an idea of what attending the Fancy Dress party is all about. There are no limits as to which costume you can choose however we are going to make some suggestions for you to keep in mind in case you haven’t decided on your costume yet.

The easiest way to prepare for the event is to rent or buy a basic costume, one which we know will always be a success, Roman, Mexican, Ghost, Hippy, Sailor… there are so many to choose from and it is a certainty that you won’t feel out of place at the party. They are the easiest types of costumes to get and ones that don’t take a lot of effort on your part, so, if you want something quick, this may be your best option.

If you attend the Fancy Dress Party as part of a group, why not choose a costume theme, so that all your friends can dress the same. You won’t feel out of place surrounded by your friends, but we are sure that everyone will want to take your photograph and you will catch the attention of many other party guests. Throughout previous Benidorm Fancy Dress Party years, there have been groups of television characters such as The Simpsons, well-known Superheroes or heroes from fairy tales and fantasy stories that are popular among people of all ages.              

If you are trying to think of ideas with which to astound other guests, you may wish to opt for a more complex costume, one which will also require time invested in make-up. Look for movie character fancy dress costumes which will catch everyone’s attention and try to ensure that the clothing and facial characteristics make you look like just like them. Just wait and see what a great time you will have!

If you still have any doubts as to whether you are interested in the fiesta, we can only tell you, that as one of Benidorm’s most entertaining events of the year, it creates such a great atmosphere, it is hard to resist. Benidorm’s Fancy Dress Party is becoming more popular every year and this is due to the success of each previous year’s event.

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