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Benidorm has prepared its great effigies, which will give life to the Fallas of Benidorm 2018.  Three authentic works of art, that as every year, will be assembled in the most central and represented points of the town. This will herald the start of an amazing, 46 years, celebration of the popular Fallas of Valencia in Benidorm.

From the 13th March they will begin to assemble these beautiful and complex art effigies, which year after year represent the most visible, cultural and fun side of the Valencian tradition. A fiesta that is celebrated on the same day as San José (Saint Joseph’s day), and which represents a beautiful, while fun worshiping of popular parodies on a political and social side, which either scandalizes us or reminds us of the harshest reality of these complex times, also making us laugh with the carefree and controversial statues.

In this publication, we will concentrate on the most popular events occurring during the Fallas in Benidorm.


The Traditional Collection of Funding for the Fallas

The falleros (fiesta organizers), in the company of their court and musical bands, take to the center of Benidorm, with various stalls, for the purpose of raising funds for other festive events.

The Replegà de Fallas (collection of funds) is normally celebrated on the last Saturday of February.


The Dinner Tribute to the Falla women

This is celebrated immediately after the collection of funds (replegà de fallas), and constitutes the starting point of the new fallero year. For this, the most faithful representatives meet in an emotional act in which tribute is paid to the great protagonists of the Fallas: The Falla women, Queens and her court.


The Assembling of the Effigies

Fallas in Benidorm the day of the assembling

It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and exciting events, not only for the falleros and falleras of the great capital of the Mediterranean, but also for the citizens and tourists who fill the hotels in Benidorm during the days before the weekend of Fallas, and always with the strong objective of enjoying the great Valencian festival in all its splendor.

Just as every year, the three statues in Benidorm will be assembled in the emblematic Plaza Triangular in Benidorm, at the highest part of Tomás Ortuño Street, bordering with the Foietes area, and finally, in the ever-popular Rincón de Loix in Benidorm.

From that moment, it can be said, that the Benidorm 2018 Fallas have definitely started, once again offering us a few days of pure celebration, in which gunpowder and music will be constantly in abundance.


The Awakening in Fallas

This consists of getting the older falleras out of their beds, early in the morning (at 8:00 am to be exact), where they are collected from their houses by their companions. The intention is to pass through the central streets of Benidorm to the rhythm of music from the bands. Thus, two long days will begin in which it will be noted by neighbors and tourists, that the town is experiencing its great celebration of Fallas.

The awakening of Fallas in Benidorm is usually held for two days: one dedicated to the Fallera Mayor (Queen) and another to the Fallera Mayor Junior.


The Flower Offering to the Virgen del Sufragio

Flower Offering to the Virgen del Sufragio in Benidorm

This is the popular flower offering of Fallas in Benidorm, and consists of a procession on the 18th March starting at 18:00 from the well-known Parque de Elche.

From there they will visit part of the main area of the historic center of Benidorm, starting with the full length of the Paseo de la Carretera, the Alameda del Alcalde don Pedro Zaragoza Orts, and the Calle Mayor until they reach the emblematic Parish of San Jaime and Santa Ana where they will deliver the floral offering. It will be the falleros and falleras of Benidorm, dressed in their flashy and luxurious costumes of the fallera, who will star in this colorful and heartfelt offering of fallas, just one day before the night of the fire (nit of the foc) 2018.

The Offering to the Virgin in Fallas, without a doubt, constitutes one of the most emotional events of the year in Benidorm.


The Saved Effigy

Visiting the effigies to choose which one to save

As every year, during the morning of March 19th, the court of the Benidorm Fallas, along with its queens, will visit the different monuments, with the aim of viewing the amusing effigies, or how it is commonly called the ninot indultat.

This is a difficult choice, one which will allow the most entertaining and daring statue, the possibility of being able to save themselves from the flames of fire at the end of the day.


Fire Crackers in the Benidorm Fallas 2018

Fire crackers on Saint Joseph’s day

On March 19th, starting at 2:00 pm, this purely Valencian tradition will be celebrated on the Avenida del Mediterráneo in Benidorm. A dazzling fire cracker show that will flood the town with its characteristic gunpowder smell, just a few hours before the incredible Burning of the effigies (Cremà de Fallas) 2018.

The Fire cracker show in Fallas, is one of the most typical and surprising traditions for visitors.


The Multi Coloured Parade in Fallas

On the evening of March 19th, from 6.30 pm, the groups representing each of the effigies in Benidorm, will tour the center of the town for the last time, as an act prior to the biggest show of the year: The burning of the Effigies of Benidorm.


The Great Night of the Burnings Benidorm 2018

The burning of the Effigies

This year, the burning of the effigies in Benidorm, will once again illuminate the town from the three most represented areas. All this will start with the three junior ones, which will burn simultaneously at 11.30 pm: the junior effigy of Benidorm, the Els Tolls junior effigy and the junior effigy at the Rincón de Loix.

As for the three adult effigies in Benidorm, they will begin to burn in strict order, leaving a difference of half an hour between one and the other starting at 00.00: the first will be the Falla del Rincón de Loix at midnight; the Falla de Benidorm will follow at 00.30; and at 1:00 the burning of the Falla Els Tolls will begin.

This marks the end of the Fallas in Benidorm, and the falleros that have worked so hard throughout the year say goodbye to their effigies. The reaction of the of the Queens and her court is very emotional, when they say goodbye to their effigies and their reign, in most cases, with tears in their eyes.


Servigroup and the Fallas in Benidorm

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We hope you enjoy the greatest of Valencian traditions, which will undoubtedly make your holiday in Benidorm a happy one.


We wish you a Happy Saint Joseph's Day, and for those of you who have children, we hope you enjoy a Happy Spanish Father's Day 2018!

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