La Belle Époque Benicàssim 2018 or back to roaring 20’s

Benicasim, a town located on the Costa de Azahar in Castellón is an exclusive resort with an exceptional climate and lots to offer: it has beautiful beaches, unique and majestic monuments, a wide range of delicious cuisine, the opportunity to practice an endless number of sports, many popular festivals and fiestas and of course a great programme of cultural events throughout the year. 

Belle Époque 2018

Therefore, we recommend that you visit Benicasim between August 31st and September 2nd so you can take part in a different, amazing, unusual, fun and original event that without doubt will not leave you indifferent. We are talking about the VII Edition of Benicàssim La Belle Époque 2018, three fiesta days in which the town transforms to relive La Belle Époque. 

An event that recalls a specific era of great splendour in the town and which takes place at the Paseo Pilar Coloma, a short distance from the Hotel Trinimar, facing the Mediterranean Sea.


What is La Belle Époque?

La Belle Époque is a French expressión that refers to a period of time between the end of the Franco-Prussian War and the outbreak of World War I.

It was called this as it was a time in which new values were imposed in European Society, values such as imperialisim, capitalism, belief in science and technology… a time of economic and cultural transformations that influenced the different social strata, the trend being optimisim and positivism. 

La Belle Époque was evident in society, a changing society with a bourgeoisie and new middle class as well as in culture with a great increase of intellectuals as well as major changes that were seen in architecture such as the creation of boulevards, art galleries, cafés, cabarets…

Changes were experienced in all areas including the field of art, in which 4 painting trends emerged that would mark the era: expressionism, modernism, fauvism and futurism, likewise in music, it was the most splendorous time of the operas due to composers such as Verdi or Wagner.

A time of joy, prosperity and happiness that was reflected in every aspect including Benicasim.


Villas in Benicàssim: The Biarritz of the Spanish

Nowadays, if you walk along the Voramar beachor the Almadraba beach, you will see some beautiful and majestic houses along the beachfront. They were built to a large extent by the Spanish bourgeoisie at the end of the XIX century.

Benicàssim has been the only location chosen by wealthy families from the levante area, who chose the town of Benicasim to spend their summer holidays, where they used to take beneficial sea baths.

The bourgeoisie from Valencia, Castellón and Barcelona moved to this beautiful area, also known as the Biarritz of the Spanish Levante or the Valencian Biarritz for its splendour.

The Villas route consists of three different parts: Heaven, Limbo and Hell. They call it hell because of the endless lavish and scandalous parties that were held in the houses around this area: The name Heaven was given for being the quietest villas in the neighbourhood and right in the middle of them, delimitating both quarters were the Comín Gardens, known as Limbo.

The Villas form a set of well-mainatined modernist houses and were at the centre of the era’s society where parties, concerts meetings were held… and where they celebrated life during the roaring twenties!

There are 51 villas, almost all of them named after a woman, such as Villa Elisa where they have filmed movies such as Second Skin starring Javier Bardem or the series on the life of Vicente Blasco Ibañez, Villa Ampara which they say was the love nest of Ernest Hemingway and Marta Gelhorn, Villa Victoria with its cultural centre and library, Villa Paquita which served as a hospital during the Spanish Civil War as well as other villas such as Villa Socorrito, Villa Rafaela…all of these beautiful houses with large gardens filled with trees, balustrades, stairways, porches and modernist style wrought iron gates.

Some wonderful villas to visit where you will feel as though you are back in the roaring twenties, thanks to the Benicàssim La Belle Èpoque 2018.


La Belle Époque Benicàssim 2018

As every year for the past 7 years, you can enjoy some magical days in which you will be transported back to the most glorious times in Benicasim where this historical period is re-created. A period of refined luxury and good taste that pinnacled in this idyllic haven on the Benicássim coast. 

Three fiesta days to enjoy with the family as La Belle Époque in Benicàssim is designed to attract people of all ages, from children to adults and the older generation, as they have created a range of different activities to suit everyone.

During the above mentioned dates, on the paseo Pilar Coloma there will be an endless number of activities such as La Belle Époque hairdressing workshop, a guided tour of the villas where they will explain everything about the villa occupants, the different historical periods that these beautiful villas have.

You can also enjoy the performances by a travelling theatre, the traditional children’s games (which will delight the little ones), great clown and circus shows, exhibitions, parades (such as the classic bikes parade) antique horse drawn carrIage exhibits, live music, street parties, dances with lanterns, swing, lindy hop and tap dancers as well as a long list of others…

An exceptional, carefully selected range of activities that you will undoubtedly appreciate and enjoy whilst you take a step back in time to the roaring twenties. 

You will also be able to visit and enjoy the modernista market, a market marked by the industrial innovations of that era and where today you will find several stalls with the best and most carefully selected displays of handicrafts on the Costa de Azahar. Similarly, you can find unique items, antiques, vintage pieces and discover in the moment how the best handicrafts are made. 

You’re still in time, don’t forget to subscribe to the different competitions that will take place, such as the photo marathon, the decoration competition, the dress competition and speed painting.

A weekend where they create the best historical re-creation of this particular period of history, where you can relive the great cultural and ancestral values of this era of opulance in this Castellon town.

This festival is a great way to end the summer and it is a point of reference throughout Spain as every year, more and more people come to Benicàssim during this weekend to discover the villas, the history and priviledged location that the first tourists fell in love with back in the 1920’s.

For this reason they re-create the last celebration made by the bourgeoisie tourists from Castellón, Barcelona and Valencia who left their villas on the beach along with their entourage of servants until the following year when they returned to enjoy their merriness, bathing in the Mediterranean Sea and their crazy parties.

So, don’t wait any longer and take the chance to discover this fun festival that you will never forget!

Step back in time and enjoy the incredible La Belle Époque!

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