5 sports to practice in 2017

Starting, resuming, improving or intensifying physical exercise is part of the most chosen goals to begin the New Year.

After a few Christmas celebrations full of excesses, the time comes when you are probably planning to leave behind 2016 to start looking for new purposes. This is the time for new resolutions and new goals, which are normally chosen and are likely to be accepted with a high level of demand.


Fitness Centre at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa

The possibilities that lie ahead, or that you intend to achieve in the short term, are always easier to accomplish when you renew your energy. It's about starting from zero and putting behind you all that stress with which you finished the previous year.

In this publication we will list 5 of the sports that are most practiced at the beginning of the New Year:

1- Do you sign up for the gym?

How many people join a gym in January, and in February or March they quit? This may be because much of the time, we start these things with excessive enthusiasm. Therefore, it is possible that you should maybe start a little more tranquil. In addition, it has been shown that starting any physical activities moderately is always more stable and durable. In short, you will tire less and in the long run you will feel much better.

Activities such as zumba, body pump, aqua fitness, walking training and spinning are among the most demanded in gyms.

If you are looking for something more related to meditation, Tai-chi and Yoga are also excellent as a physical exercise.

But if you like to go on holiday in the middle or low season and you think you are in danger of breaking the rhythm that you have just started, in most of our hotels you have cosy gyms to keep you in shape.

Fitness Centre at the Hotel Servigroup Castilla

2- Something a Little different, to enjoy nature, Hiking!

It is a fact that outings organized in large groups are becoming more and more popular to practice, with relation to hiking or mountain walks in general.

In Benidorm and its surroundings areas, we have very popular mountain routes, such as the mountain ranges of the Sierra Helada, Puig Campana and Ponoig from the Font del Molí in Finestrat. The different routes that you can follow will amaze you whilst you exercise.

The range of mountains (Sierra de Irta) in Alcocéber and Peñiscola is one of the most natural and scenic jewels in the Mediterranean area. There are also different trails, highlighting the popular Route of the Castles in Alcocéber.

In Mojácar, do not forget the picturesque route through the water mills, an indisputable legacy of the Islamic history of Almeria.

At our hotels in Benidorm, Mojácar, Alcocéber and Peñíscola, our receptionists will be able to give you all the information you need relating to these walking routes.

Walking routes in Finestrat

3- If you prefer using your bike, to enjoy more adventure?

If your preference is more for cycling, the Mediterranean climate is ideal for this practice.

For many years, Mojácar has been an important point of reference for, amateurs and professionals, especially from different parts of Europe, but also from outside our continent.

In addition, at the Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa we have facilities totally adapted to your needs: garage for bicycles, workshop, laundry and lounges for conventions. We have received outstanding international teams like Rabobank, Lotto or Movistar. In Benidorm you can also find important routes such as the Sierra Bernia.

Practicing cycling, Sierra Cabrera

4- A social sport in the stricter form, Paddle

Paddle is a sport that continues to gain in followers, besides being a lot of fun it also has a high level of sociability.

You will find paddle courts easily, and amateur championships are frequent.

In Mojácar we have at your disposal the Paddle Club Hotel Servigroup Marina Playa.

There, during the winter, local leagues are organized that are accessible to all who wish to participate.

If you try Paddle, you will probably continue to practice this sport in a more permanent way.

5- Batting records, in Athletics

Although athletics, in recent years has experienced a special boom between people aged between 30 and 50 years old, it’s increasingly practiced by athletes of all ages. In fact, you will constantly find competitions and solidarity events related to this exciting sport.

The half marathons are very popular in many local towns, and each year they shine with more force. In fact, they constitute a real celebration of sports tourism for the town of Benidorm, where this competition is enjoyed with great emotion and expectation.

Just remember that the best thing is not the full on over exposure to exercise. Don’t forget by taking everything at a more relaxed pace and disconnecting periodically from daily stress you will feel better. At the same time, you will be able to achieve some of the most important goals that you wish to fulfil every year.

Do you dare to try?

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