Benidorm Palace show is FREE for the Servigroup Hotels guests.
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Benidorm Palace

Servigroup Hotels invites you to the best cabaret show in Europe: Benidorm Palace


From May till 31st October, Servigroup Hotels invites EXCLUSIVELY all its guests' to enjoy the new show "EFEX" at Benidorm Palace on Wednesday nights.

EFEX has, like all other Benidorm Palace shows, a programme of dance and acts for the audience to enjoy, astounding even further by adding the latest advancements in special effects fully integrated into the show.

For the creation of EFEX, the management of Benidorm Palace has invested in the latest multimedia technology to present a show full of special effects and illusions. The concept and development of this ambitious project has been put in the hands of the renowned, international production company Moore Entertainment. All of the illusions have been produced by The Twins FX, one of the leading companies that operate in the field of visual special effects, illusions and animatronics in the theatrical field.

OPTIONALLY and as an additional service that Servigroup Hotels offers its clients, you can book return coach transport for all of our hotels in Benidorm at a cost of 6 euros per person.

Enjoy a fabulous show full of surprises.

Limited places. Only one entrance ticket per client during the period of their hotel stay. The entrance for the show must be booked on arrival at the hotel (you cannot book in advance). From 1st May till 31st October 2014, this show will be exclusively ONLY on Wednesday nights, totally FREE for all our guests. (Limited places). If you wish to know the show availability from 1st May 2014, please contact with our Booking Center.

Benidorm Palace

Benidorm Palace is an elegant cabaret show that is part of the tourism scene in Benidorm, and of course the Costa Blanca. The show combines music, dance and variety acts which include a balancing act, aerial dance and magic among others. Benidorm Palace is a tourist attraction in the area which breaks through borders and can not be missed by those who wish to experience a night with a difference. It is a sure bet that it will be a night to remember.

Benidorm Palace has received the Award for the 2012 Best Nightspot in Europe by ACPETUR for combining what they refer to as the seven secrets of success:

  • The excellence in its offer as night club venue.
  • The size and comfort of the venue.
  • The latest night club technologies.
  • The promotion of Benidorm
  • The extreme friendliness of the staff.
  • The quality of the dining gastronomy.
  • The double combination of the night spot venue and the high standard circus.

EFEX is a new show at the Benidorm Palace.

The opening establishes the theme of the show, giving the audience a quick preview to introduce them into a magical world of sound and light special effects. A transparent cylinder floats above the audience and settles onto the stage. With a spectacular appearance, David Climent, as magical master of ceremonies, presents EFEX surrounded by 30 outstanding dancers in a frenetic interpretation of Hispanic rhythms, among them, the popular “Asturias” by Isaac Albéniz.

The company’s 30 dancers creates a constant change of scenery with many aluminium elements that resemble a framework of scaffolding and projections screens.
Manuel Fiabane creates denim costumes which together with the set creates a perfect staging for the urban flamenco rhythms with a contemporary Spanish dance look.
The choreographers Javi Valverde and Paloma Aznar have created a perfect showcase for the talented Benidorm Palace Spanish dancers.
David Climent and company surprise us with magical appearances on stage. The male dancers adapt their flamenco heel stomping to combine with the intricate feminine heel clicking of the female dancers to create a fusion of eternal rhythms. The masterful choreography developed from the imagination of Lisa Bertoni creates this combination of Irish and Flamenco dance techniques. This battle of dancers takes shape in a continuous change of scaffolding which closes the first half of the show.

The second half of the show transports the audience from Benidorm Palace to a delicate and magical Japanese ceremony with elaborate colourful costumes.
Geishas and Samurais join the “Master of Magic” to create the illusion of Origami. The scene ends with a parade of lanterns which introduce the live golden statues.

This part of the show uses several types of techniques with LED lighting ,with costumes and avant-garde special effects controlled by computer. Introducing the latest laser technology , David Climent , our very own Laserman.

Tito Lester , the comedian that wants to become a magician presents his magic hand “tricks” with his special touch of humour and will try to overwhelm our magician David Climent in order to “ take” his place….The Benidorm Palace audience will be surprised when they invite the star guest, Tony.

David Climent asks the Benidorm Palace audience to pick a card and surprise… unexpected card appears. David Clement becomes the personification of a knightly gentleman and joins Miss Magic and the full cast of EFEX. The male dancers create the set with enormous poker cards which when spun round reveal if they are clubs, spades, diamonds and finally….Hearts.

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